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What the experts say

WOW Slider: new jQuery Slider with Nice Visual Effects


Why it’s brilliant: Drag-n-drop, Point-and-click editing for non-coders. 25 languages in the interface.

If you feel you’re not that tech-savvy to add the slider yourself, try this jQuery plugin

With the WOW Slider, you can actually make an average slider look 1000 times cooler thanks to some pretty killer visual effects!

The WOW Slider does not require any knowledge of coding whatsoever! It offers a simple and easy to use interface and can be used by coders and non-coders alike.

So, as it is easy and simple to use, needs less coding and creates interesting and delicious effects, why not try making a slider with your recent products to put on your website?

Amazing visual effects, outstanding features, vast configurations and well-documented. It adapts to different screen dimension and have a pure CSS fallback

Create carousels, rotators, sliders with crazy animation – slide explodes into particles and then collapses to a new slide!