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The Cheapest Website Builder - Build Your Own Website in 2023

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If you want to build your own website, and don’t have any experience doing so, you might find yourself getting stuck weeding through all of the different free website builders through a search. Most of us who have need of an online presence has been there in the past.

Please allow me to help you along in your search for the easiest to use cheap website builder, by directing you to “8b Website Builder.”

Cheap Website Builder

What is 8b Cheap Website Builder?

8b is a free online Cheap Website Builder that’s easy to use and is designed to make websites in minutes. Each site is mobile-optimized, Google-friendly, with speed at the forefront of each design, you decide to use.

If you’re new to owning and operating web pages, you’ll quickly learn that Google is the search engine that will either make or break your new website. Pages that are Google friendly, rank better & receive more traffic, more often. Yes, there are other reputable search engines out there such as Bing, DuckDuckGo, or Yahoo, but neither of them can hold a candle to Google’s influence at this time.

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How to Build a Website using 8b

8b Cheap Website Builder has the novice in mind as it relates to website creation, so they make it as easy as possible, removing any need to know code or any other ‘behind the scenes’ shenanigans. All of that is taken care of for you and is processed through simple selections you make, placed in understandable terms.

8b website builder

Though they make it easy to use and is absolutely free, the end results give the appearance that there is an expert at work. The following is a quick rundown of the steps required in order to create your first website.

Sign up

Sign up and create an account. This grants you private access to your website building areas. After signing up, move ahead and add any additional information that follows.

Pick a template

8b Cheap Website Builder currently has 18 different categories of templates to pick from. Choosing your template will give your site the flavor you’re looking for, so take your time to check out each one, and pick the one that is the best fit for your site.

Best Website Builder for small business

Bear in mind that there are aspects of each template that will be customizable down the road a bit. So, if you can’t find an exact match of what you’re looking for, pick something close, and you’ll be able to easily modify the existing into what you’d like.

Design your website

After you select a design, you can begin the process of modifying it. Here is where you add your text, include pictures, swap widgets around, etc...

mobile website creator

The more relevant content you include, the better your site will eventually rank in search engines. Try to stay on point, focused, and toned in a way that your anticipated audience will appreciate.

Publish easily

Once upon a time, you had to buy a program, load it on to your PC, go through the headaches of learning the program itself, then having to learn the ins and outs of making everything work- and this is before you loaded it up to the internet!

Now (particularly with 8b), publishing your page to the web is as simple as hitting a button. Once you hit the publish button, your page is available for all to see.

8b Benefits

There are many benefits to using this Cheap Website Builder, such as it’s behind the scenes coding to make sure that your page is as fast as possible and more appealing to search engines. But there is something that the novice might not recognize that more seasoned website producers might be quicker to pick up on.

8b Website Builder

That benefit would be the free SSL Certificate. The SSL Certificate allows for a more safe and secure environment for people to come in and out of your page. When a URL begins with HTTPS rather than HTTP, that extra (S) lets you know that you’re about to enter a more secure site.

Search engines grant favor to more secure sites, and those that are SSL Certified get a bit of a push. This is available for free using 8b Cheap Website Builder, but usually costs the site owner an annual fee using other programs, or going through other site builders.

To Conclude...

Whether you’re looking to create a webpage for your business, hobby, or just a place to show the world you’re out there, 8b is a wise choice, a free choice, and one without risk.

If you want to build your own website, do yourself a favor & give 8b a shot! You can learn more about 8b at

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