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Finance Website Template - Full Review

Best Website Templates and Themes. Bootstrap HTML

Online appearance is one of the most critical strategies for every business, irrespective of the business category. Because it is the best way to tell people about you, your product, your expertise, your history, or anything you want to say.

Some people argue that online appearance through websites is essential only for people with physical or digital products.

But in reality, it holds the same importance for every service provider, like finance consultants. An enormous range of themes is available for consulting firms with various layouts and templates.

Themes play an important role in presenting your business for a wide range of audiences from around the world. User-friendly and modern themes help to attract clients by providing sufficient information at the right place. More clients mean an increase in business and income as well.

Finance Website Template

Along with user-friendly layout, what to look for a finance website template? As per our point of view, it must include all the necessary tools and features that represent the functionality of your firm.

For example, besides the type of services you provide, it must consist of the online appointment system, the current status of existing clients, payment, and refund system.

Although it is tough to find the finance website template with all the features, if you know little about coding, you can get the desired design and layout.

However, third party plugins or bootstraps are available to add a certain type of functionality in themes without basic knowledge of coding.

What Is Mobirise?

When it comes to developing a website, many new and small businesses can’t afford the cost of hiring professional website developers. Therefore, Mobirise is available to facilitate the people with low budget for developing the website.

Mobirise is a free offline website builder that makes it so easy to develop the website for small business owners.

It helps to get the desired design of the website by using various advanced features, and it is easy to integrate certain functionality on the websites.

However, Mobirise is designed for newbies who want to develop the website but don’t have the knowledge of coding either it is for blogging or for promoting the business. It facilitates all users irrespective of purpose, category, experience, and knowledge.

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What Is FinanceM4?

FinanceM4 is a bootstrap finance website template specifically designed to facilitate accounting and financial consulting firms. Along with all the necessary blocks or portions, this theme offers particular features that are complimentary for this type of business.

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FinanceM4 Features

Bootstrap 4

This finance website template is designed based on the bootstrap 4 framework that comprises of HTML, CSS, and JAVA. Bootstrap 4 is considered as the perfect way for creating templates or websites that are mobile responsive and user-friendly.

Payment Applications

The term payment application indicates that it offers a wide range of payment applications that exclude the existence of hard money for receiving payments from clients.

It facilitates the users with a complete payment process by using different mediums like online bank account transfer and international credit card acceptance.

By using the payment feature, clients will be charged for the per transaction, and they can cancel the payment at any time before deduction from the account.

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Support Multi-Currency

It supports multi-currency for payments and completes the whole process with just one click. It is easy to integrate all the functionality without any coding.

GDPR Compliance

All the payment system is secured by following GDPR rules and regulations. It is crucial to ensure information about the client’s credit card or bank account details. The security system helps to increase the trust of the client.

Refund Payments

This refund feature is also supported by FinanceM4, which enables the users to make the refund payments to their clients due to any reason.

Besides the above features, FinanceM4 is loaded with all the blocks that are included in the standard theme like social media blocks, header & footer, content styles & types, and many more.

How To Use?

As we mentioned earlier, Mobirise is an offline web developing software. By following the below-mentioned simple steps, you can create the website with this software.

  • Download the software setup from the official website of Mobirise
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Install the software
  • Launch the installed software

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After the completion of successful installation and launching, the sign-up process starts.

Sign Up

The sign-up process requires the email id, Google account, or you can use any of your social media account for creating the account in Mobirise.

Selecting the Theme

After signing up, you have to choose the Finance M4 theme for your website. There are many other templates/Themes available there, but Finance M4 is the best of all.

Designing Of Website

Website design is the most crucial part, and it requires the main portion of the time needed to complete the website development process.

In this part, users have to select the various features and functions by adding different blocks with the support of drag and drop features.

Drag and drop tool helps to add or remove certain features like sliders, responsive menus, headers, and footers, etc.

Publishing The Website

The final step in website development is to publish the website. For this purpose, Mobirise offers four ways to use it for publishing the site.

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Free Hosting

By using this feature, users can enjoy the free domain with the extension of, and your site can go live by just pressing the publish button.

Local Folder

This way, users can save the website files in the local folder and upload it on any hosting server to make their website live.

FTP Connections

Mobirise allows users to use their FTP connections to make their website live. They just need FTP credentials for publishing the site.

Github Pages

Github Pages is another source for making the website online developed with the help of the Mobirise platform. Just create a GitHub account and publish the site with their account.}


The finance website template not only provides you all the necessary features but also offers full support for creating the content with implementation of SEO rules and regulations for getting high rankings in the search engine. It supports all the actions required for SEO.

Therefore, it is the best way for small business owners to highlight themselves in the digital world and also provides a lot of opportunities to bloggers for getting success in the freelancing world.