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HTML5 Website Builder To Make Your Online Project

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Creating websites has become certainly easy with different website builders, and Mobirise html page generator is one of those website builders. Even if you know nothing about coding, you do not have to learn it to create your website. Mobirise can help you create your website for free. The best thing about Mobirise is the free offline functionality, which means you can create a website even if you do not have an internet connection.

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Website Builder and CMS

Nowadays, website builders are more popular and effective because they can be used if the internet connection is not available. You can keep backups of your websites at any stage. However, this cannot be done while using the CMS software. Moreover, it allows you to have more control over the website's overall aspect, such as what you want to publish and what you want to avoid.

What is Mobirise HTML5 Website Builder?

Mobirise HTML5 Website Builder, as its name says, is a software that enables people to create websites without any coding and that too offline. The software is a great alternative to CMS as people can create websites even when they are offline, and they can add various features in it according to their use. This html editor can be used by all non-techies who are not that familiar with web development expertise but want to launch their stunning website.

Mobirise Themes

Mobirise generador de html comes with different themes that you can choose for your website, but be careful with choosing the theme as you won’t be able to change it after choosing the theme and launching the project. It comes with M4 themes based on Bootstrap, AMP themes based on Google AMP, and much more. These themes will help you to make your website look more effective and more vibrant. Some of the examples are WoodM4, Industry M4, CourseAMP, PetsM4, etc.

Mobirise extensions

Mobirise editeur html wysiwyg has all kinds of extensions, such as free and premium, which you can use to make your work easy. For example, this one extension can help you to notify the visitors that you are using cookies. Another extension can help you to track scripts to the page for free. There are many other extensions that you can add to the website through this HTML5 Website Builder to make all the tasks easy.

mobirise website builder

How to use

The working of Mobirise html creator is simple and easy. You can launch the software; after that, you will select the themes you want for your website. You can then expand the block panel with the plus sign in the lower right corner to drag your data and stuff you want to place on the website.

After dragging the content, you can start editing and styling each block, such as changing the font style and size and adding a background color to it. Moreover, you can insert any image, video, or icon in the blocks.

After editing the block's insides, you can then adjust and fix the block parameters and adjust its size according to each block. Furthermore, after you have edited everything, it allows you to preview the website before publishing it.

html5 website builder


  • You do not have to code at all, which makes it easy for you to add content and style your page.
  • With a huge collection of themes and blocks, it enables you to build unique websites.
  • Mobirise provides you the chance to create such websites that would look great on all devices, whether desktop or mobile phones.
  • The website builder's drag and drop tool moves the content and blocks an easy task through which you do not have to spend much time on it.
  • This HTML5 Website Builder comes with templates based on Bootstrap 4, which makes it a powerful mobile first framework for website building.
  • You get to choose from a large selection of the latest pre-made blocks, shops, forms, content sliders, and much more to create your website.
  • The Mobirise builder allows you to host your website anywhere, whether to a local drive, FTP, or anywhere you want.
  • You can create your contact form and can get all the information you want from your customers.
  • It comes with a pop-up window feature which enables you to use it for any special or ad purpose.
  • This is one of the best places to create a blog if you want to perform each blog creation task on your own.


Mobirise is one of the HTML5 Website Builder software which one can get as it allows you to work offline and use different themes to make the website look unique from others. The social feed extension can allow you to add your social media feeds, which you can view while using the website. Moreover, the free and premium extensions add an extra benefit to the software. Overall, I have benefited a lot from this software; believe me, it will not disappoint you.