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The website is essential for the promotion of business as well as for online selling. However, it is somehow expensive to build the site if you don’t know about coding, and it is difficult for new businesses to afford it.

Therefore, various page builders offer services to build the website without requiring any expertise. 8b page builder is a great way to create the site without knowing about coding. The user-friendly nature makes it prominent among the others available over the internet.

drag and drop page builder

There are various functions and features that you have to consider while selecting the drag and drop page builder. For example, you have to find features like layout options for image gallery, online purchase system, drag & drop options, sliders, and various others.

8b website builder delivers all the essential features that are required to build an attractive website design.

8b Drag and Drop Page Builder?

It is a drag and drop website builder that lets the users develop the website quickly and simply. The websites created by using this tool offers fast loading speed, mobile optimization and also helps to get top rankings in the results of search engine.

8b is specially designed for people who don’t have a piece of coding knowledge. It let them create responsive and user engaging website to improve the online existence of the business.

drag and drop page builder

This drag and drop page builder is equally useful for creating the website for any purpose and category without any limitation.


Besides the easy building of the website, it offers a wide range of advantages for users. Just have a look at a few of them.

1. Mobile Website Builder

Normally, page builders create attractive websites, but don’t these are not optimized mobile devices. That’s why users have to do a lot of work to make it mobile compatible.

8b builds the websites that are compatible not only for browsers but for mobile devices too.

Also, search engines provide a preference, in the search results, to sites that are well optimized for various android devices.

drag and drop website builder

2. Responsive Design

8b drag and drop page builder is capable to automatically adjust the web page as per the screen size of the device. Therefore, users don’t need to tweak the website to make it adjustable as per device size.

3. Free SSL Certificate

It is an essential element to improve the security of a website, especially for online stores. Also, search engines provide preference to sites that are secured with an SSL certificate.

8b builder provides a free certificate to users for the website. Therefore, they don’t need to buy it separately.

4. Free Page Builder

Users can use this drag and drop page builder without any cost but with limited features. Also, they can get a free subdomain for the website with an extension of

But if you want to integrate the custom domain, you have to buy the premium version of 8b. Also, it enables the users to download the website in a zip file and upload it on any hosting to make the website live.

Furthermore, 8b provides free hosting for users with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

5. Multilingual Support

This app attracts users from around the world because it offers support for a wide range of languages from around the world. It is easy for users to create a website for visitors from different regions who can’t understand English.

easy website builder

6. Google AMP Feature

8b lets the users enjoy the support of the Google AMP feature that enables the users to create the lightest websites.

The primary function of Google AMP is to eliminate unnecessary coding lines and uses only essential coding that is required to display the webpage. It helps to improve the speed of the page without losing the quality of content and media files.

7. PWA Support

With the increase in mobile devices, the use of apps also increases. However, it is great to optimize the site for various types of mobile devices. But to transform the website in the app provides more benefits.

This tool lets the users transform the site in a desktop or mobile app in a few seconds. It enabled the visitors to read the content and make a purchase without visiting the website.

How To Create The Website?

It is easy to build the website with the 8b drag and drop page builder. You just need to follow the following steps for this purpose.

1. Sign Up For 8b

Go to the official website of 8b from the following link

Hit on “create the free website” button and select the category for which you want to create the website. After selecting the category, you have to sign up by providing your email address and click on the Next button.

At the time of category selection, you also have to provide the name of your website.

drag and drop website builder

2. Select The Template

8b offers a wide range of website templates for every category. These templates are designed as per the modern style and in a responsive way.

These flexible templates are intended for browser websites but automatically optimized for mobile devices as you select the one. You can check the preview for mobile from the button placed on the right top corner.

3. Optimize The Design

Usually, a website template comes with all features and functions that are offered by 8b. Sometimes, every section or characteristic is not required for every website. Therefore, you can delete the extras as per your needs and requirements.

You can also change the color, font size, font type, etc. based on your likes and design of your product.

4. Publish The Website

After getting the desired design, click on the publish to make your website online. Now you can upload content and media files to make it available for visitors from around the world.


8b Drag and Drop Page Builder offers an easy way for the building of a website and doesn’t require any expertise. You don’t need to get worried about the budget because you can create the site free of cost.

Hopefully, the above discussions help you to create the website for your business, and your business becomes prominent among the competitors.