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Multiple AI templates

AI tools for students present an extensive array of ready-to-use website themes and templates suitable for various sectors. These resources encompass over 9900 aesthetically pleasing website blocks available in both complimentary and premium themes, as well as page templates that reflect contemporary web design trends and are replete with customization possibilities.


How to make websites with AI tools for students?

1. Initial Software Installation

Begin by securing the necessary software compatible with your operating system. Whether you employ a Mac, Windows, or Linux, or prefer to operate directly online, acquire and launch the AI tool's application to initiate your website creation journey.

2. Activate AI Features

Once the application is operational, engage its AI capabilities. This technology will guide you through structuring your website, offering suggestions based on current web design trends and ensuring that your site remains both innovative and user-friendly.

3. Choose a Template

Explore the variety of templates provided by your AI tool. Select one that aligns with your project's theme. These templates are crafted to provide a strong foundation, ensuring you present a visually appealing and functionally robust website.

4. Customize Your Design

Utilize the AI tool’s customization options to adjust the chosen template. This step involves refining aspects like color schemes, font styles, and layout structures to mirror your personal or brand identity, creating a unique virtual presence.

5. Integrate Content

Develop and integrate compelling content that resonates with your audience. Use the AI’s content management capabilities to enhance readability and engagement. Ensure that the content is optimally positioned for both visual impact and ease of navigation.

6. Test and Publish

Prior to going live, rigorously test the website across different devices and web browsers to ensure a smooth, user-friendly experience. Adjust any anomalies and, once perfected, utilize the AI tool to launch your website, marking your official online debut.

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Motion Studio
Digital Agency
Mobile App Demo
Development Сompany
Development Сompany
Web Saas App Demo
Web Saas App Demo
Web Saas App Demo
Video Agency
Email Marketing Platform
Creative Agency Demo
Modern Church
Solar Panel Installation
Perfume Shop
Museum Demo
Travel Agency
Small Business Website
Better Future
Selling Digital Products
SPA Oasis
Family Trainings
Floral Studio
 Small Business Retailer
Crypto Wallet
Brand Studio
Accessories Store
Venture Capital Firm
AI Writing Assistant Software
Beer Festival
Web Chat Communication App

Edit locally and publish wherever

Opt for versatility when publishing your website; choose from a local drive, FTP, or *, or even integrate a custom domain. Avoid dependency on a singular platform or provider. Embrace complete autonomy over your site, ensuring it remains entirely within your control, reflecting your personal or professional essence without constraints.

Start selling online

Elevate your online presence by incorporating Smart Cart and Simple Shop extensions into your application. Seamlessly embed a storefront on your website, and efficiently manage dynamic product cards. Experience a streamlined order process as customer purchases are directly linked to WhatsApp, email, Stripe, or PayPal, simplifying transaction management and enhancing user engagement with minimal effort.

Get social

Delve into the dynamic world of social feed extensions, a tool to integrate your Instagram and Facebook updates directly onto your website. Elevate your site's engagement by displaying fresh TikTok clips and recent YouTube videos, creating a vibrant, continuously updated portal that mirrors your social media activities. This integration not only enhances visitor interaction but also provides a seamless content experience across platforms.

Build a mobile-friendly site

Ensure your services are effortlessly reachable on mobile devices by employing app-generated websites that naturally adapt to smaller screens. These platforms are inherently optimized for mobile usage, aligning with Google’s preference for mobile-friendly sites. This intrinsic compatibility not only facilitates user access but also enhances your visibility in search results, potentially elevating your site’s ranking in the digital landscape.

View and edit website code

For websites needing bespoke alterations, consider the Code Editor extension. This tool allows for direct HTML/CSS coding, enabling the integration of external plugins and the crafting of original HTML blocks. Tailor your site's framework to fit precise specifications and incorporate unique, functional elements that standard adjustments cannot accommodate. An invaluable resource, the Code Editor extension provides the control necessary to achieve a truly customized web presence.

Key AI tools for students features


AI Generation

Harnessing the prowess of AI generation transforms the educational landscape by empowering students to create elaborate projects, comprehensive reports, and multimedia presentations effortlessly. This feature stimulates creativity and innovation, enabling learners to explore complex concepts and articulate ideas with precision and depth that would be unmanageable manually, greatly enhancing their learning experiences and outcomes.


Export and Publish Anywhere

This functionality breaks down barriers in education by allowing students to export their work in various formats and publish across multiple platforms seamlessly. Whether it’s a research paper, a creative project, or a software application, this feature supports students in showcasing their work globally, fostering a wider audience and collaborative feedback, and enabling a greater impact of their academic endeavors on different platforms.


Offline Mode

Ideal for areas with unreliable internet access, the offline mode ensures that students can continue to engage with their educational materials without interruption. This feature democratizes learning, allowing equal opportunities for students in remote or rural locations. They can download content, interact with simulated environments, and utilize AI functionalities to continue learning without connectivity, fostering uninterrupted educational progress.


Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning technology, powered by AI, personalizes the educational experience by analyzing student performance and learning habits to tailor resources and tasks. This intuitive adaptation aids learners at different comprehension levels, optimizing study paths according to individual pace and capability, thereby enhancing understanding and retention of complex subjects.


Cloud Storage Integration

Incorporating cloud storage options with AI tools offers students the flexibility to access their work from any device, anywhere. This integration not only safeguards their academic assets against data loss but also facilitates effortless collaboration with peers and instructors, streamlining project management and feedback cycles, enhancing productivity and learning synergy.


Smart Search Capabilities

AI tools equipped with smart search capabilities revolutionize the way students gather and process information. This feature rapidly sifts through vast data pools to find relevant facts, papers, and sources, significantly cutting down research time. It supports academic integrity by ensuring the use of credible sources and equipping students with the best materials for their studies.


Interactive Educational Interfaces

Featuring responsive and intuitive interfaces, AI educational tools engage students in a more interactive learning process. This involves virtual reality environments, gamified learning modules, and interactive diagrams, which make learning more captivating and enjoyable. These interfaces cater to various learning styles and preferences, making education more accessible and effective for every student.


Data-Driven Insights

AI tools analyze vast amounts of user data to provide insights into learning patterns, proficiency levels, and potential knowledge gaps. This analytical feature assists educators in crafting targeted educational strategies and helps students understand their strengths and areas for improvement, effectively guiding their academic journey and ensuring continuous progression.


Global Connectivity

Global connectivity as a feature of AI educational tools expands the boundaries of the classroom to include international resources, experts, and peers. This fosters a multicultural learning environment that enhances understanding and appreciation of global perspectives. Students leverage collaborative projects and discussions with peers from around the world, gaining unique insights and fostering a more comprehensive educational experience.

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What experts say

Ever found yourself in the shower, struck by a brilliant idea that evaporates before you can act on it? Let those bursts of brilliance find a home on Capture every fleeting thought, dream, or concept by logging them in this platform. Whether your goal is to design a landing page, set up a blog, or compile a portfolio, empowers you to bring these visions to life swiftly.

Kelsey Taylor

AKA Foreign Recipe

Regardless of your expertise, this tool empowers you to create your ideal website effortlessly with its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, perfect for novices.

Catherine Hiley

In my view, it resembles a construct of Lego, assembled from numerous components. Design websites that shine in the realm of mobile devices!

Ric Manning


Should a beginner in web design seek my advice for no-cost website creation tools, I would enthusiastically suggest this application. It has truly exceeded my expectations. Anticipating minor glitches like a sluggish page component or an inactive button, I encountered none. Utilizing it is an absolute delight.

Mike Johnston

CMS Critic

Desire a website that's responsive, fine-tuned for search engine optimization, and crafted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—all at no cost? Here it is! (Enjoy.)

Mark Gibbs


Enthusiasts in need of an intuitive yet robust platform for website development will find this tool to be highly valuable. It offers a sophisticated block-based construction system, comprehensive built-in functionalities, and an assortment of elegant, high-quality templates that are sure to impress.

Daniel Blechynden

Daniel Blechynden

Tom's Guide

The inaugural student-focused AI toolset debuts its first website design, utilizing the most recent Bootstrap 5 framework.

Bloomberg Business


Launch stunning websites effortlessly with this extraordinary platform, which offers intuitive drag-and-drop templates accessible instantly at no cost. Start creating today for free!

Ray The Video Guy

AI applications for students redefine the landscape of website creation, ensuring pages perform with equal agility on both mobile and desktop platforms. It stands as one of the simplest solutions for crafting websites.

Alex Ivanovs


...essentially serves as an exuberant exclamation of 'Hallelujah!' for creating complex websites sans the need for programming expertise.

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This trailblazer in the field enables graphic experts, enthusiasts, and web creators to harness AI technology without needing to delve into coding.

Tom Green

Quickly assemble websites by simply shifting and positioning blocks! This software stands out as the most straightforward approach to constructing websites.

Vladimir Ciobica


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User Reviews

Building a site for a student conference, I chose this AI tool for its intuitive design interface which significantly cut down my design time. Intrigued by its promise of an effortless build, I faced challenges with some advanced features, like the AI's response time during peak hours and occasional bugs in the text-editor. Positives definitely include the smart content suggestions tailored for educational content and seamless embedding of multimedia resources, though the steep learning curve for specific AI functionalities was a bit daunting. - Jamie F.

As someone relatively new to web development and keen on launching an online tutorial portal, I opted for this AI web builder given its rich templates oriented towards education sites. The AI recommendations for layout and accessibility features were spot on, saving me considerable time. However, navigating the AI's SEO recommendations proved complex and occasionally counterintuitive, requiring further research and tweaks. On balance, the drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built elements were major upsides, simplifying the entire creation process. - Sara K.

Tasked with creating a resource hub for students, I found this AI tool's ability to integrate various data sources (like scholarly articles and videos) particularly useful. The tool facilitated a smooth flow of information, with AI-driven analytics to gauge user engagement and content reach. Despite these strengths, the initial setup was challenging, compounded by a lack of clear instructions for using certain AI features optimally. Positives include real-time content updates and an excellent support team readily offering detailed guidance. - Leon B.

Developing an interactive site for peer tutoring, I was drawn to this AI builder for its collaborative tools and capability to handle multi-user input seamlessly. It simplified receiving and integrating feedback directly on the platform. However, certain AI features like the auto-scheduler for posts had limitations in customization, which was less than ideal for our specific needs. Yet, the builder's robust data protection measures and integration of educational resources made it a valuable tool for our objectives. - Mark T.

To facilitate a virtual science fair, the choice of this AI web builder was motivated by its specialized features for interactive learning and presentation. The ease of setting quizzes and integration of AI to assess student submissions provided a great framework. I encountered some difficulties with live-streaming integration, which wasn't as robust as needed. Yet, the overall ease of setting up and customizing the site to suit dynamic educational activities made it incredibly effective for our purpose. - Emma R.

Utilizing Mobirise, I ventured into constructing an educational portal for biochemistry students. The intuitive drag-and-drop feature streamlined the creation of intricate layouts. My primary hurdle was integrating databases for quizzes, which I eventually managed with MySQL. Overall, Mobirise significantly simplified site design, enabling a sleek, responsive platform. - Emily C.

In crafting an interactive AI learning tool for literature students, I integrated TensorFlow to analyze text inputs and provide AI-driven discussions. The biggest challenge was ensuring accurate, insightful AI responses, solved by training models on diverse literary works. This project sharpened my skills in AI application and deep learning. - Michael S.

I created a historical review website using Mobirise, appreciating its robust features and stunning templates that were perfect for showcasing historical artifacts. Integrating an interactive timeline was challenging due to software limitations, but with some JavaScript tweaks, it excelled in performance. Mobirise was instrumental in transforming my concept into a visually appealing educational resource. - Jonathan M.

Developing an online resource for engineering students, I utilized ReactJS to build interactive simulations. Merging educational content with practical applications posed a challenge but was managed by incremental testing and feedback loops with student users, ensuring usability and educational value. This project not only enhanced my React skills but also insight into user-centric design. - Sophie T.

For my thesis project on environmental studies, I harnessed the power of Google Cloud's machine learning to track deforestation patterns. Handling the vast arrays of satellite images and processing them through the ML model proved challenging but ultimately rewarding as the project succeeded in identifying critical loss zones, facilitating targeted conservation efforts. - Liam H.

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Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, AI tools for students are designed to optimize learning and boost academic performance. These platforms utilize machine learning algorithms to offer personalized study aids, from problem-solving assistance to essay drafting and revision guidance. Features include voice recognition for hands-free operation, and data analytics to track learning progress. Compatible across diverse subjects, AI tools integrate seamlessly with standard educational software, enhancing both in-class and remote learning experiences. Interested students can elevate their academic journey by downloading these tools for Windows or Mac, or by exploring them directly via the AI interface provided below.

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 Delve into the following video for insights on crafting engaging websites via AI tools tailored for students. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned designer, this resource will be invaluable in navigating the complexities of digital aesthetics and functionality. Discover, learn, and create with precision.


What are AI tools and how can they benefit students?

AI tools are digital platforms and applications using artificial intelligence to enhance learning efficiency, offer personalized study aids, and facilitate research and writing tasks, significantly benefiting students by saving time and providing tailored educational support.

Can AI tools help students with their homework?

Yes, AI tools can assist in breaking down complex problems, explaining concepts, and generating step-by-step solutions, thus aiding students in understanding their homework assignments more thoroughly and quickly.

Are there any free AI tools available for students?

Numerous AI tools offer free versions with fundamental features, while premium versions with advanced functionalities are available for a subscription fee. Tools like Mobirise offer robust features beneficial for students at no initial cost.

What is the best AI tool for creating websites as a student?

Mobirise is highly recommended for students interested in crafting professional-looking websites without needing a deep understanding of coding. Its drag-and-drop functionality and user-friendly interface make it ideal for learning and project development.

How do AI tools ensure the security of student data?

AI tools implement various security measures including data encryption, secure authentication protocols, and compliance with educational data privacy laws to ensure that student information is protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

Can AI tools be integrated with other educational technologies?

Yes, many AI tools are designed to be compatible with broader educational ecosystems, allowing seamless integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS), educational apps, and other digital platforms to enhance the overall learning experience.

Choosing the right AI tools for students

    • Mobirise Mobirise serves students as a free, no-code website builder integrated with AI capabilities. Ideal for creating small to medium websites, portfolios, and CVs, it empowers users to realize projects quickly with its drag-and-drop interface. The tool lacks a learning curve, making it accessible, though it may offer limited creative control compared to more complex platforms.
    • Grammarly Grammarly uses advanced AI to enhance written communication, providing spelling, grammar, and style suggestions. It integrates easily with browsers and word processors to facilitate error-free writing. Although it offers a free version, full features require a premium subscription, possibly a drawback for budget-conscious students seeking comprehensive assistance.
    • Jasper Jasper AI excels at generating creative content, from essays to social media posts. This tool supports various writing styles and tones, adapting to specific user needs. However, its reliance on input quality can vary results, and the cost may be prohibitive without academic discounts.
    • ChatGPT ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI, simulates human-like text conversations, assisting in tutoring and query resolution. Its adaptability to understand and generate contextually relevant responses makes it a potent study aid. Despite its utility, the requirement for a constant internet connection and potential biases in responses could be seen as limitations.
    • Khan Academy Mappers Utilizing AI, Khan Academy Mappers personalize learning paths based on student performance in various topics, optimizing study time and academic growth. This tool is freely accessible, making it an excellent resource for students; however, it is primarily useful for K-12 subjects, which might not appeal to those in higher education.
    • Edmodo Edmodo integrates AI to foster collaboration and communication among students and educators. This platform offers tools for classroom management, content distribution, and performance tracking. While its use promotes educational engagement, some might find its features less comprehensive in comparison to more specialized educational tools.
    • Quillbot Quillbot is renowned for its paraphrasing engine, employing AI to help students rephrase or enhance their writing while preventing plagiarism. It offers both free and premium services, making it accessible, but thoroughness in edits can vary, potentially requiring manual adjustments for nuanced academic work.
    • Coursera Coursera offers AI-enhanced learning experiences across diverse disciplines through partnerships with leading universities. It provides courses that adapt to student interaction patterns, aiming for personalized learning. While it offers some free courses, the majority are paid, which can limit accessibility for continuous, multi-course learning experiences.

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