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Create websites on PC or Mac. Publish anywhere.

Multiple AI templates

AI design software provides an extensive array of premade website themes and templates suitable for diverse professional and personal applications. It boasts over 9900 attractive website blocks available in both free and premium versions. These templates are crafted following the newest trends in web design, offering abundant customization features to tailor websites to specific preferences and needs.


How to make websites with AI design software?

1. Initiate by Downloading the App

Choose your preferred platform—Mac, Windows, Linux—or simply access the AI design software online. Download and install it from the official website, ensuring compatibility with your operating system to facilitate a seamless user experience.

2. Engage With the AI

Launch the program and begin a new project. Input your initial concepts or data into the AI. Utilize its intuitive interface to command the AI to generate or suggest design layouts. Engage interactively with the AI suggestions, refining and iterating according to your vision.

3. Define Your Website's Structure

Outline the architecture of your site by creating a blueprint within the software. Determine the number of pages, their connectivity, and their purpose. This skeletal plan will act as a guide in distributing content and features proportionally throughout the website.

4. Integrate Essential Features

Populate your site with essential features. These may include multimedia plugins, e-commerce capabilities, and social media integration. Customize each element to align it with the overall aesthetic and functionality of the site as suggested by the AI.

5. Refine Visual Elements

Using the software’s rich set of graphic design tools, begin refining typography, color schemes, and other visual elements. Continually preview these changes in real-time, leveraging AI-driven simulations to predict their impact on user experience.

6. Conduct Thorough Testing

Before launching, conduct comprehensive testing of your website across different devices and web browsers to ensure responsiveness and functionality. Address any issues the AI identifies, making the necessary adjustments to optimize for navigation, speed, and SEO performance.

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Development Сompany
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Web Saas App Demo
Web Saas App Demo
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AI Writing Assistant Software

Edit locally and publish wherever

Choose to deploy your website through various channels: save it to a local drive, upload via FTP, host on *, or link it to a custom domain. Free yourself from dependence on a single platform or service provider. Embrace complete ownership and command of your site, ensuring it remains entirely under your purview, tailored and controlled exclusively by you, without external restrictions.

Start selling online

Revamp your digital storefront by adding the Smart Cart and Simple Shop extensions to your application. Streamline the integration of a shop on your website, effortlessly manage dynamic product cards, and facilitate direct order transmissions to your WhatsApp, email, Stripe, or PayPal. This setup not only simplifies operations but also enhances customer interactions, propelling your e-commerce endeavors toward measurable success.

Get social

Expand your website's functionality with diverse social feed extensions. By integrating Instagram and Facebook posts directly on your site, you enhance visual engagement. Additionally, embedding the latest TikTok clips and YouTube videos keeps content fresh and dynamic, ensuring visitors always have something new to discover. This integration not only enriches user experience but also increases interaction, keeping your audience connected and updated with your latest social endeavors.

Build a mobile-friendly site

Ensure seamless mobile access to your services by opting for websites designed through our app, inherently optimized for mobile use. Such readiness not only enhances user experience but also aligns with Google’s preferences, boosting your site's visibility in search rankings. Embrace simplicity and effectiveness; let your customers connect effortlessly on their go-to devices.

View and edit website code

For precise tailoring of your website, consider the Code Editor extension, a tool that allows for direct manipulation of HTML/CSS. This addition facilitates the integration of external plugins and the crafting of bespoke HTML blocks. Opt for this approach to ratchet up control over your site's functionality and aesthetic, providing a tailored experience that default templates or basic editors cannot match.

Key AI design software features


AI Generation

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to auto-generate designs tailored to your specifications. From intricate graphics to seamless interfaces, watch as the system intuitively understands and brings your ideas to digital life, significantly reducing the manual effort and enhancing creativity.


Export and Publish Anywhere

Break barriers with the ability to export your designs in multiple formats and publish them across various platforms directly from the software. Whether you need high-resolution files for print or optimized graphics for web, enjoy the flexibility to showcase your work everywhere without additional tools.


Offline Mode

Take your creativity on the go without the need for constant internet connectivity. Offline mode ensures that all your tools and features are available anywhere, anytime. This enables uninterrupted workflow and secure storage of your projects, even when offline.


Advanced Tool Integration

Seamlessly integrate with a vast array of advanced tools and plugins, enhancing the functionality of your design endeavors. From advanced image editing to dynamic object manipulation, elevate your design process with professional-grade tools at your fingertips.


Customizable User Interface

Adjust and personalize your design workspace to suit your comfort and efficiency. From rearranging panels to selecting themes, create a user interface that complements your workflow, enhances productivity, and reduces visual fatigue during long hours of design work.


Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate in real-time with team members from any location. Share designs instantaneously, receive immediate feedback, and make live updates. This feature bridges the gap between remote team members, ensuring everyone stays on the same page throughout the design process.


Precision Editing Tools

Engage with tools designed for precise editing and meticulous adjustments. Tackle complex graphic elements with precision, ensuring every part of your design meets exacting standards. From grid alignments to layer controls, each tool helps refine your vision to the smallest detail.


Smart Asset Management

Organize and manage your resources intelligently with an integrated asset management system. Access, categorize, and retrieve design elements with ease, thanks to AI-driven organization that adapts to your habits and preferences, streamlining your project workflows.


Seamless Multi-Platform Performance

Experience a design platform that performs flawlessly across multiple operating systems and devices. Whether on a tablet, laptop, or desktop, the software guarantees a consistent user experience, ensuring that your creative process is never hindered by technical constraints.

Create your website now

Embark on crafting stunning, swift websites effortlessly with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Enjoy access to myriad customizable blocks, ensuring versatility in design choices. All tools are available at no cost, inviting limitless creativity. Begin your web design journey—download freely today and transform your online presence.

What experts say

Picture this: You're in the shower, and a brilliant idea strikes, but before you know it, it's slipping away. I’m here to suggest a solution: scribble those flashes of inspiration onto No matter your project—a landing page, a blog, or a portfolio— transforms your vision into reality, almost instantly.

Kelsey Taylor

AKA Foreign Recipe

Regardless of your experience, this tool enables you to create your ideal website effortlessly with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, perfect for novices.

Catherine Hiley

To my eyes, this appears as if it's been assembled from countless interlocking bricks... Construct websites that shine in the realm of mobile usage!

Ric Manning


When a beginner in website creation seeks my advice for a cost-free site builder, I'll definitely rate this application among the top suggestions. It has surpassed my expectations. Initially, I anticipated encountering glitches, maybe an inactive feature or a lagging component. However, my experience was flawless. Using it was an absolute delight.

Mike Johnston

CMS Critic

Desire a site that’s both responsive and optimised for search engines, crafted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all at no cost? Here it is!

Mark Gibbs


For starters needing a robust website design tool, this platform is ideal. It boasts a sophisticated block-based system, includes excellent built-in functionalities, and offers a range of appealing high-end themes that many will find desirable.

Daniel Blechynden

Daniel Blechynden

Tom's Guide

The initial website template utilizing Bootstrap 5 has just been launched by AI design technology.

Bloomberg Business


Introducing an exceptional software enabling effortless creation of stunning websites through intuitive drag-and-drop templates available immediately at no cost.

Ray The Video Guy

AI design tools offer a revolutionary approach to creating websites that perform equally well on desktops and smartphones, simplifying the web development process significantly.

Alex Ivanovs


...essentially celebrating the fact that one can create websites that would traditionally demand programming, yet without any expertise in coding.

Roger Hollings


As a trailblazer in its field, this entity is democratizing AI for graphic experts, enthusiasts, and web creators, eliminating the need for them to learn coding.

Tom Green

Effortlessly construct websites by simply dragging and dropping elements; this software streamlines the process to just a few minutes, making it an incredibly straightforward method for website creation.

Vladimir Ciobica


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User Reviews

Embarking on creating my first website, I chose this AI design software mainly for its promise of integrating advanced design aesthetics automatically. Initially skeptical, I was impressed by the intuitive interface and the surprising range of templates tailored to different industries. Questioning whether the AI could handle more complex design needs, I found the customization features quite flexible but sometimes wished for more granular control over CSS elements. Positives certainly include time-saving design suggestions and seamlessly responsive layouts. However, the negatives were mostly around occasional glitches in the AI recommendations, which seemed off-trend. - Michael S.

As a small business owner, I needed a reliable and easy-to-use tool to establish our online presence. After comparing several options, this AI design software caught my eye due to its user-friendly approach and smart design algorithms. It was fascinating to see how the software adapted basic inputs into visually appealing designs. However, I encountered challenges with integrating third-party services, raising questions about API compatibility. On the plus side, the automated SEO optimization was a game changer, boosting our market visibility significantly. The drawback was the limited ability to override the AI's design choices on certain occasions. - Olivia P.

As a freelance graphic designer, I constantly explore tools that enhance creativity and efficiency. This AI-powered software intrigued me with its blend of artificial intelligence and user-centric design tools. The onboard drag-and-drop editor made it especially appealing as it promised to cut down on time-consuming tasks. Questions about its capability to handle detailed custom graphics were largely met with robust editing tools and a rich asset library. The positives of streamlined workflow and excellent template variety are undeniable. However, the AI occasionally over-simplified complex design elements, which could frustrate more detailed-oriented professionals. - Ethan J.

I chose this AI web design platform as a tech enthusiast eager to leverage machine learning in creating dynamic websites. The software's appeal was its promise to automatically adjust layouts based on user interaction data, a feature not many tools offer. While this was impressive, it raised questions regarding data privacy and how much control is relinquished to the AI. The positives are clear: exceptional adaptive design capabilities and real-time content adjustment. Negatively, the reliance on AI might alienate users who prefer hands-on control over every aspect of their website design. - Ava D.

Opting for this AI design tool was driven by a desire to automate the more tedious aspects of web design while maintaining a high level of customization. The platform excelled at generating clean, modern designs from minimal input, which was a major plus for someone with limited coding skills. Questions about the extent of AI involvement were quickly addressed through comprehensive support resources and tutorials. The software’s strengths are its simplicity and effectiveness in producing professional-level designs. However, experienced designers might find the options somewhat limiting, as the AI tends to prioritize simplicity over creative complexity. - Charlotte B.

I ventured into AI design software with Adobe XD and found its features especially tailored for both amateurs and pros alike. Migrating my visual ideas into high-fidelity prototypes was smooth, though integrating these with other software for responsive cross-platform layouts did pose a challenge initially. Finally, I mastered the interplay, achieving a seamless user experience – the joy and pride of my digital creation journey. - Oliver K.

Using Mobirise was a game changer for me. The drag-and-drop functionality along with Bootstrap's mobile-first approach enabled me to design a visually appealing site without prior coding knowledge. The obstacle was custom JavaScript integration, but, after some experimentation, I boosted the site’s functionality wonderfully. Mobirise stands out in simplicity and effectiveness. - Jessica T.

Crafting my website via Wix’s AI platform was intriguing. The AI questionnaire efficiently tailored design options to my needs. What I encountered was a bit of a learning curve with their third-party app integrations, which at times, disrupted the layout continuity. However, the end result was a cohesive and uniquely branded website that truly stands out in the digital space. - Ethan M.

I embraced Mobirise for its robust, intuitive editing tools and vast library of pre-built blocks which expedited the development process. Balancing creativity with usability was initially daunting; however, Mobirise’s flexibility in customization expanded my capabilities, resulting in a professional, tailored website that resonates with my audience. - Henry C.

My journey with Sketch was filled with exploration and innovation. Creating a design system from scratch was challenging due to the need for consistency across multiple components. However, the software’s powerful symbols and shareable libraries streamlined the process, enabling me to deliver a scalable and visually consistent interface across all pages. The achievement was a sleek, user-centric website design. - Liam J.

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AI design software harnesses machine learning algorithms to redefine digital creation, offering designers an advanced suite of tools for generating visuals, prototypes, and user interfaces with unprecedented precision and efficiency. Integrating intuitive UI with powerful automation, users can transform ideas into high-fidelity designs in mere moments. The software supports real-time collaboration, adaptability to different design languages, and seamless integration with existing digital toolkits. Enhanced data security measures ensure that all creations remain protected. Elevate your design process—download for Windows or Mac using the buttons below or explore the possibilities by trying AI today.

View in Action

 Delve into the visual guide below. Here, you’ll discover methods for crafting compelling websites through AI design tools. This video offers practical insights and showcases how technology can amplify aesthetics and functionality in web development. Enhance your digital creations by incorporating advanced AI capabilities showcased in this tutorial.


What is AI design software used for?

AI design software assists in creating visual content and design elements by utilizing artificial intelligence to streamline processes and enhance creativity.

Can AI design software replace human designers?

While AI design software can enhance productivity and perform repetitive tasks, it is not capable of completely replacing the nuanced and creative decisions of human designers.

Is there a recommended AI design tool for beginners?

Mobirise is highly recommended for beginners due to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features that facilitate easy web design.

What types of projects can Mobirise be used for?

It is ideal for designing responsive websites and web applications. Its extensive range of themes and extensions makes it versatile for various project types.

What advantages does AI offer in web design?

AI accelerates the design process, offers data-driven aesthetics, and simplifies complex tasks like coding, allowing designers to focus on more creative aspects.

How does Mobirise integrate AI into its operations?

It incorporates AI to optimize design workflows, automate tasks, and provide better accessibility and user experience optimization.

Choosing the right AI design software

    • Mobirise Mobirise excels in simplicity and cost efficiency as a no-code, AI-driven web design software focusing on usability with bootstrap-based templates and a drag-and-drop interface. Ideal for non-tech users seeking to create visually appealing websites, it stands out as a free tool amidst costlier alternatives.
    • Adobe Photoshop Powered by Adobe Sensei, Photoshop offers advanced image manipulation and digital painting tools. Features like neural filters enhance design tasks using AI, easing complex edits and transformations. However, it requires a subscription, and there is a learning curve, making it less accessible for beginners than Mobirise.
    • Canva Canva utilizes AI to streamline graphic design, offering a vast library of templates and imagery accessible to users of all skill levels. Its simplicity and web-based platform ensure quick design tasks but less customization compared to specialized software. It remains cost-effective with both free and paid tiers.
    • Autodesk Maya Maya integrates AI in 3D design and animation, offering sophisticated tools for modeling, rendering, and simulation. It caters primarily to professionals in animation and VFX industries. High costs and complexity in use render it less accessible for casual or beginner users compared to Mobirise.
    • CorelDRAW CorelDRAW harnesses AI in enhancing graphic design efficiency through features such as a live sketch tool. It serves as a robust vector graphic editing tool that accommodates both novice and professional designers. However, it requires a one-time purchase or subscription, making it less cost-effective than Mobirise.
    • Sketch Sketch offers AI-powered features like predictive transformations and data-driven insights in its vector design tools for digital interfaces. Primarily aimed at UI/UX designers, it supports extensive plugins and integrations. Sketch operates on a subscription basis, making it potentially costly over time.
    • Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator integrates AI with features such as auto-tracing and predictive design, focusing on vector graphic creation. Suitable for detailed and scalable designs, it offers precision but at a subscription cost and with a steeper learning curve than some alternatives like Mobirise.
    • Figma Figma incorporates AI in collaborative interface design, providing real-time co-editing capabilities. Its cloud-based platform facilitates accessibility and rapid prototyping. Affordable through a tiered pricing structure, it's geared towards design teams rather than solo creators.

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