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Multiple AI templates

AI website designer provides an extensive array of ready-to-use AI themes and templates, suitable for diverse sectors spanning lifestyle and commerce. Encompassing over 9900 attractive website blocks, users can select from both complimentary and superior themes, along with page designs that reflect cutting-edge web styles. These resources are highly customizable, offering numerous possibilities for creating distinct, professional-looking websites.


How to make websites with AI website designer?

1. Acquire the AI Web Designer Tool

Begin your journey by selecting the right version of the AI web designer tool for your operating system—Mac, Windows, Linux—or opt for the online version to skip downloads and jump straight into design.

2. Initiate AI-driven Design

Launch the AI tool and start exploring its capabilities. This initial engagement will prompt you to input basic information about your desired website, helping the AI to tailor its suggestions and templates accordingly.

3. Choose a Template

Scan through an array of pre-designed templates the AI offers. Select one that aligns with your vision and brand identity. This template will serve as the backbone of your site, customizable to your specific needs.

4. Customize Your Website Layout

Dive deeper into the customization process. Adjust layouts, swap out images, and tweak the text. This stage is crucial for infusing your personal touch while ensuring functionality and user experience remain top-notch.

5. Optimize for Search Engines

Integrate SEO elements into your website. Utilize the AI’s capabilities to analyze and suggest the best keywords, meta descriptions, and tags that will elevate your site’s visibility on search engines, drawing more traffic.

6. Publish and Monitor

Once satisfied with the design and functionality, go live by publishing your site. Post-launch, use the AI tool’s analytics features to monitor traffic and user behavior, making adjustments to optimize performance based on real-time data.

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Edit locally and publish wherever

Opt for diverse distribution by publishing your website to a local drive, using FTP, or opting for * Alternatively, integrate a custom domain to elevate brand visibility. Avoid dependency on a singular platform or service provider, ensuring your website remains entirely under your control—your rules, your autonomy.

Start selling online

Elevate your online presence by adding Smart Cart and Simple Shop extensions to your app. This seamless integration empowers your website to feature dynamic product cards with minimal effort. With real-time order synchronization, customer purchases are instantly directed to WhatsApp, email, or payment processors like Stripe and PayPal, streamlining your e-commerce operations and enhancing user experience.

Get social

Elevate your website’s appeal by integrating social feed extensions. Seamlessly display your Instagram and Facebook updates, or spotlight fresh TikTok and YouTube content. This strategy not only enhances the visual dynamics of your site but also keeps visitors engaged by providing a stream of the latest trends and personal endeavors directly on your platform. Embrace these tools to create a vibrant and continually updated digital space.

Build a mobile-friendly site

Optimize customer interactions with mobile-friendly websites, effortlessly crafted via the app. These intuitive platforms ensure seamless access on smartphones and tablets, enhancing user engagement. Google's preference for mobile-optimized sites is advantageous, naturally elevating your website’s visibility in search rankings. This strategic approach not only caters to on-the-go usage but also amplifies your digital presence, steering more traffic towards your services.

View and edit website code

For websites demanding intricate personalization, the Code Editor extension proves essential. It permits direct HTML/CSS manipulation, facilitating the integration of external plugins and the crafting of bespoke HTML blocks. With this tool, site architects can manipulate core web elements, ensuring each segment aligns precisely with specific functional and aesthetic requirements. This approach caters to developers seeking to mold their online presence with granular control.

Key AI website designer features


AI Generation

In the realm of web design, the application of advanced artificial intelligence stands out by synthesizing unique layouts, graphics, and functional elements based on trends and user data. This feature swiftly internalizes user preferences and industry standards to propose and iterate designs that resonate with target demographics, ensuring websites are not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimized for user engagement.


Export and Publish Anywhere

Expanding the horizons of web deployment, this feature enables designers to export their creations in various formats suitable for a plethora of platforms. Regardless of the destination—whether it's a server, a content management system, or directly to cloud services—the process remains seamless. This flexibility ensures that the transition from design to live site is efficient, supporting a faster launch cycle and wider accessibility.


Offline Mode

Catering to the needs of designers on the move, this functionality allows for the construction and manipulation of web projects without the necessity of an internet connection. Benefitting from this feature, designers can work uninterrupted, fostering creativity and productivity even in environments devoid of web access. Once connectivity is restored, all changes synchronize, keeping the workflow smooth and updated.


Intuitive Visualization Tools

Visual interfaces in this toolset are structured to intuitively align with the designer's thought process, enabling the visualization of complex interactions and layout dynamics in real-time. This provides an immediate understanding of how design choices will function within a website, refining and streamlining the creation process, and allowing for quick adjustments that cater to optimized user experiences.


Automated Optimization

By employing cutting-edge algorithms, this feature enhances site speed and functionality through automated optimizations. From image compression to CSS and JavaScript minification, it adeptly adjusts resources to improve load times and overall performance without sacrificing quality or aesthetic appeal. This automated finesse ensures websites deliver a superior user experience, adapting efficiently to differing internet conditions.


Seamless Integration

This feature connects seamlessly with a plethora of tools and APIs, integrating complex services like e-commerce systems, social media platforms, and analytics tools effortlessly into the design framework. Such integration accelerates deployment and ensures that the website functions as a cohesive whole, enhancing user engagement and backend usability, while maintaining flexibility in design and functionality.


Advanced Security Measures

Incorporating robust security protocols, this feature guards against potential cyber threats and ensures the safety of user data. Through rigorous compliance measures, multi-layered encryption, and continuous monitoring, it provides a secure environment, compelling designers to focus on creativity without concerns over data breaches or malware. This security assurance is pivotal in maintaining trust and integrity within the digital space.


Dynamic Content Adaptation

Adapting to user behaviors and environmental variables, this dynamic feature adjusts content and layout to meet varying device specifications and user preferences. Responsive to real-time analytics, it ensures that each user encounter is tailored for optimal engagement and satisfaction, dynamically altering content and design elements to best suit the viewing context.


Modular Architecture

Structured around a modular setup, this architecture permits a high degree of customization through interchangeable components that can be added, removed, or modified with minimal effort. This flexibility not only speeds up the deployment and scaling process but also empowers designers and developers to experiment and evolve websites to meet specific needs without starting from scratch every time.

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What experts say

Ever found yourself in the shower, struck by a brilliant concept, only to watch it slip away as quickly as it came? I'm here to recommend capturing those fleeting sparks of creativity on Dreaming of crafting anything from a landing page to a blog, or a portfolio? is equipped to bring those visions to life, almost instantaneously.

Kelsey Taylor

AKA Foreign Recipe

Regardless of your experience, this tool enables you to create your ideal website effortlessly with its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, perfect for novices.

Catherine Hiley

In my view, it resembles a Lego construction, assembled from a multitude of components... Construct websites that dazzle in the realm of mobile devices!

Ric Manning


When beginners in website creation seek my guidance for no-cost development tools, I confidently suggest this app as a top option. It has surpassed my expectations beautifully. Anticipating minor glitches, such as a sticky button or sluggish page features, I instead encountered flawless performance. Utilizing this tool feels effortlessly smooth.

Mike Johnston

CMS Critic

Desire a site that's responsive, fine-tuned for SEO, and crafted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all at no cost and with minimal effort? Behold! (Consider it done.)

Mark Gibbs


Newcomers in search of an effective website design tool will find this platform appealing. It boasts a sophisticated block-based construction system, equipped with excellent built-in capabilities and offers a variety of appealing, high-quality themes. There is much to admire about this setup.

Daniel Blechynden

Daniel Blechynden

Tom's Guide

Website theme developer launches an inaugural design utilizing the newest Bootstrap 5 technology.

Bloomberg Business


This remarkable platform enables everyone to effortlessly create stunning websites through its intuitive drag-and-drop templates, available at no cost for immediate use.

Ray The Video Guy

AI website design technology offers a groundbreaking approach to creating websites that perform equally well on both smartphones and desktops, simplifying the web development process significantly.

Alex Ivanovs


...essentially celebrates the ability to create websites that traditionally need coding, all without possessing any programming expertise.

Roger Hollings


As an innovator in its field, this entity is democratizing AI usage among graphic experts, enthusiasts, and web creators, eliminating the need for them to learn coding.

Tom Green

Effortlessly construct websites by simply moving and positioning blocks! This software ranks among the simplest methods for website creation available today.

Vladimir Ciobica


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User Reviews

Opting for the AI website designer was driven by its promise of user-intuitiveness and time-efficiency. Initially, I was curious about how well it would handle custom scripts. The drag-and-drop interface was a delight, but I noticed a slight limitation in widget customization. However, its ability to suggest design adjustments dynamically was immensely helpful, saving me hours of tweaking. - Emily S.

Among various options, this AI-driven tool stood out due to its extensive template library that perfectly resonated with my branding needs. As I dove in, the question of SEO optimization tools arose. Positively, the platform integrated these seamlessly, affirming its comprehensive nature. However, I encountered challenges with AI understanding context in text content, requiring manual interventions. - Jordan M.

I chose the AI website builder for its advertised AI analytics capabilities. My major inquiry was about data security while using AI features. The positives included real-time content suggestions and layout optimization based on user engagement metrics, which were impressive. On the downside, adjusting the AI's design suggestions to more closely match specific aesthetic desires was sometimes more labor-intensive than expected. - Sarah C.

The decision to use this AI tool was based on its auto-scaling feature for different devices, making it highly appealing for a tech startup like mine. Curiosity about the extent of its automation led me to explore deeper. I appreciated the automatic adjustment to various screens, which was flawless. Nonetheless, the AI occasionally selected images that did not quite fit the theme, requiring a manual change. - Mike R.

I was drawn to this AI platform for its AI-driven design suggestions tailored to improve user experience. My initial question was regarding integration with other marketing tools. The builder's proactive design proposals and adaptability were major plus points. However, sometimes the flow of elements seemed sporadic, and aligning them to brand consistency took additional effort. - Chloe T.

Venturing into the realm of Wix's AI platform, I was intrigued by the promise of simplicity. Leveraging their extensive template database, I methodically selected components that aligned with my aesthetic preferences. The AI’s suggestions were apt, though at times, I found myself editing HTML codes to better personalize touchpoints. Integrating third-party services was seamless, yet deciphering some of the widget configurations required unexpected research. My accomplishment? A visually appealing, responsive website, tailored precisely to my brand’s ethos. - Emily C.

Embracing Mobirise for my online portfolio felt like wielding a double-edged sword. Initially, the drag-and-drop functionality was a breeze—intuitive and refreshingly straightforward. But diving deeper, I craved more control, more capacity to tweak the behind-the-scenes elements. I pushed the boundaries of Mobirise by integrating custom HTML blocks, which proved both a challenge and a thrill. Achievement unlocked: A custom-designed site with embedded personal coding scripts, offering a richer user interface. - Jordan M.

Leveraging Adobe Dreamweaver, I embarked on a journey of constructing a dynamic, database-driven website. The environment offered robust tools for both front-end and back-end development, yet the learning curve was steep. My biggest hurdle? Mastering server-side scripting. Hours of coding and debugging later, I emerged with a fully functional e-commerce site, equipped with real-time inventory updates—a testament to my perseverance and expanded skill set. - Lucas G.

Mobirise stood out as an unexpected champion during my expedition to craft an interactive educational website. What began as a straightforward project morphed into a deep dive into the platform’s expansive library of HTML blocks and advanced site-building features. Each challenge—be it optimizing mobile responsiveness or embedding multimedia elements—was met with robust support and extensive documentation. The result? A sophisticated educational platform that performs flawlessly across devices. - Sophia T.

With Squarespace's AI, I expected a streamlined creation process, and the platform didn’t disappoint. The AI interface guided me through the layout choices, intuitively suggesting alignments and sections that enhanced the content flow. Minimalist yet elegant, the design framework suited my need for a sleek, professional blog. However, custom CSS injection was necessary to achieve the exact button styling I envisioned, requiring unexpected code manipulation. Ultimately, I curated a distinguished web presence that authentically represents my vision. - Natalie H.

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Harnessing cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the AI website designer revolutionizes the creation of digital landscapes. It intuitively translates user input into sophisticated, responsive web designs. Tailored algorithms enable real-time layout adjustments and color scheme optimizations, ensuring aesthetic alignment and functional coherence. Accessibility and SEO considerations are built-in, streamlining site performance across diversely abled user bases and search engine algorithms. Integration with popular CMS platforms and direct FTP publishing capabilities further enhance its utility. Experience the future of web design; download now for Windows or Mac, or explore possibilities firsthand with our immediate AI demo.

View in Action

 Discover the nuances of crafting visually appealing websites with the AI website designer by viewing the accompanying video. It demonstrates practical techniques and innovative tools essential for creating engaging, user-friendly digital spaces. Enhance your design skills and learn to navigate the interface efficiently through this visual guide.


What is an AI Website Designer?

An AI website designer automates the web creation process using artificial intelligence technologies to design and build websites based on user inputs and data-driven decisions.

How does an AI website designer benefit users compared to traditional web design?

It significantly reduces the time and effort involved in web design, offers personalized design options, and continuously optimizes the user experience based on visitor interactions.

Can beginners use an AI website designer effectively?

Yes, AI website designers are designed to be user-friendly, allowing beginners to create professional-looking websites without prior coding or design experience.

What features should you look for in an AI website designer?

Key features to seek include customization options, responsiveness to different devices, SEO capabilities, and integrations with other tools and platforms.

Why is Mobirise considered a great option for an AI website designer?

Mobirise is praised for its ease of use, extensive range of themes and blocks, and its flexibility, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced developers.

How does Mobirise enhance SEO for websites designed using its platform?

Mobirise enhances SEO by providing clean code that's easily indexed by search engines, ensuring fast loading times, and offering user-friendly navigation structures.

Choosing the right AI website designer

    • Mobirise Mobirise stands out as a stellar AI-driven website builder that is entirely free and does not require any coding skills. It offers a drag-and-drop interface that simplifies site creation. Its rich array of templates is well-suited for responsive designs. However, its AI capabilities are somewhat limited compared to others, but it excels in user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.
    • Wix ADI Wix ADI harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to craft websites automatically by deriving insights from the user's provided content. It's relatively easy to use with minimal input for a personalized site. Flexibility and options for customization are fair but might not satisfy those who need highly detailed designs. Monthly fees could be a downside for cost-conscious users.
    • Bookmark Bookmark leverages its proprietary AI, Aida, to kickstart the website-building process, offering a tailored initial setup after a few basic questions. While easy to use, its templates and design options are less varied than others. Despite being reasonably priced, some advanced features are locked behind higher payment tiers.
    • Zyro Zyro utilizes AI for simplifying the design process, promising fast loading times and an intuitive site-building experience. Flexibility in design is moderate; however, it aligns well with beginners seeking straightforward solutions. Costs are competitive, making it appealing for its efficiency and AI guidance features, yet professional designers might find it limiting.
    • Jimdo Dolphin Jimdo Dolphin creates websites using AI to analyze provided content and generate a suitable layout. This builder is extremely user-friendly and practically assumes all design duties. While cost-effective and quick, it sacrifices some flexibility and depth of customization, suited primarily for less complex websites.
    • focuses extensively on custom software and app development, with capabilities extending to AI-based website design. While not the simplest for novices, it offers substantial adaptability for varied needs. Pricing is higher, reflecting its bespoke model, potentially a barrier for smaller businesses or personal sites.
    • Webflow Webflow integrates visual design controls with a CMS and hosting platform, all built around a no-code concept. AI is used less for initial design and more for optimizing user interactions and SEO. Flexibility is high, appealing to professionals, but might overwhelm beginners. Its cost reflects its advanced capabilities, positioning it on the pricier side.
    • Firedrop Firedrop employs an AI chatbot named Sacha to interact with users and gradually develop the site based on the dialogue. This unique approach emphasizes ease of use and an engaging process but may feel too simplistic for some. Pricing models are accommodating but can accumulate if additional features are desired.

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