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Best Website Builder for Photographers

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If you need to create some beautiful portfolio with a description of your work, you can use some website builders.

It would be very useful. As a final result, you would have a beautiful site with your CV, a description of previous works and other useful information. This site would certainly impress your clients. Moreover, you wouldn’t depend on any site, so it would look more professional. Website Builder Software is one of the most useful tools for people without coding skills.

Best Website Builder for Photographers

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Mobirise's features

Today, you can find many different templates and platforms for site creation. We are going to talk about Mobirise Best Website Builder for Photographers.

Mobirise Website Builder works offline and it’s free. You can use it in any place without the internet during traveling for example. Mobirise Best Website Builder for Photographers is the desktop application for Windows and Mac. It’s possible to transfer the projects between these operating systems.

Also, Mobirise works on two platforms: bootstrap and AMP. Both have their pros.

Bootstrap works flawlessly with almost all browsers. It has a consistent UI design. Also, bootstrap has a very good design structure on phones with good documentation and community support.

AMP platform was designed by Google. It has a better SEO optimization system. The layout on phones would look exactly as you designed. Also, all the content would upload faster on phones. AMP defines keywords and uploads these pieces of text faster.

PhotoM4 and PortfolioM4 themes

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So, we discussed some advantages of Mobirise Best Website Builder for Photographers. Let’s start the description of the application and themes.

When you installed and downloaded the application, you need to click on the left upper corner of Mobirise and choose Extensions in the list of options. There you would see the great number of different themes and extensions. We would like to offer you two of them: PhotoM4 and PortfolioM4. These themes would perfectly suit your needs.

PhotoM4 has a lot of dynamic blocks with a good structure. Here you would see video blocks, sliders, maps, testimonials, counters, headers, menus and features. Also, there’s a shop block, which would help you to sell your works. With Social features, you can easily advertise the content. So PhotoM4 has everything you may need for CV and representation of your works.

PortfolioM4 is very similar but has its peculiarities. In the list of blocks, you can see Pricing tables and Progress bars. PortfolioM4 contains more Sliders and Galleries. Also, here you would find one specific feature — animated text. In the settings of the Header block, you can see part “Animated Text Settings”. There you can choose Words Color, Speed and type the text.

Also, we would like to mention that you can choose for your portfolio site any template of Mobirise Kit. It’s possible to modify every block in the way you want. You can change not only text, images and colors but the location and behavior of different elements. So basically, you can use every theme you would like, even a free one.

How Mobirise works

Add the theme

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Let’s talk about how to work with this application. It’s very easy. When you have chosen the theme, which you want to use, in the Extensions part, you need to create a new site. To do that, you need to return to the main menu and click on Sites à Create New Site. Then In the searching field, you need to type the name of the installed (in Extensions and Themes) template. Finally, click on the template in the appeared list. Then you can choose if you can start the new project from scratch or choose the created sample. When you have chosen the option, you would the project (if you selected the sample) or the clear list (if you selected to start from scratch).

Create your project

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If you want to add some new blocks, you need to click on the red button in the right lower corner of the screen. In the right column of the menu, you can see the list of the blocks and in the left column of the same menu, you would find variations of blocks.

In the case, if you want to change blocks, click on Block parameters in the right upper corner of the block. You would see a great number of different options. It’s possible to change paddings, set parallax effects, add an overlay and so on.

Moreover in the Mobirise Free Online Library, you would find a lot of professional photos and images in a good resolution, which you can use absolutely for free.

In the Site Styles (click on the blue button in the right lower corner), it’s possible to change fonts, the color of buttons and links. Also, Mobirise has different extensions for example Code Editor. You can change the code just in the application. It’s very useful.

In the site settings, it’s possible either to set Cookies, SEO Analytics, Optimization and so on.


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So, when your site is finished, you need to publish it. Click on the Publish button in the right top corner. There would be four options. You can publish your site with Mobirise free server but in the title of the URL would be It’s possible to publish your work to the local folder, FTP and GitHub Pages.


We can conclude, that Mobirise Best Website Builder for Photographers has a lot of features, which would be useful in the creation of your portfolio. First of all, Mobirise is free and works offline on your PC. You can create the site on your own and change the content when you want. The final version would be flexible with well-thought structure and design.

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