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How to Create Website for Free with New AMP Website Builder

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It is just like one year since Google launched the Accelerated Mobile Page, a step that made the beginning of another new trend for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But, what is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? Well, because we are living in a world that is increasingly mobile-oriented, the speed that web pages load with is a crucial daily element. The primary purpose of the AMP is to make web page loading through the mobile devices as fast as possible or just to increase the loading speed. Therefore, Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is a new Google project that was launched in order to develop an excellent and user-friendly Mobile Web through the introduction of various standards of creating the site content for a Mobile Device. There are many sites on the Internet which provides this services, and in this post, you will get more details on one of the most reliable and perfect AMP Web Developer, Mobirise AMP Page Builder.

How to create website

How to Create a Website Using Mobirise

How to create website? Use Mobirise to create your own website for free. What is Mobirise? Well, it is an offline site creator for both Mac and Windows. If you wonder how to create website, this is the answer. This means that you are supposed to download it and install it on your PC or desktop to create your own website for free. Typically, Mobirise utilizes the concept of Bootstrap, a popular frontend framework that many people apply to create your own website for free from ready-made blocks. It’s a platform that assists most people, agencies, web designers or developers to build a mobile-friendly website within some minutes. Born and launched in the Netherlands, the drag-and-drop based site builder is designed for the creation of the small to medium-sized websites, portfolios, landing pages as well as other low-functionality sites.

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The Mobirise AMP Theme

The Mobirise AMP Landing Page Builder will provide you with the Free AMP Theme. When using the AMP Theme, you will take all the benefits of Mobirise AMP Website Builder features that enables you to instantly achieve higher ranking in Google Search Engine for your page.

This means that the Mobirise Accelerated Mobile Page Theme is responsible for creating and impacting some relevant and easy to load graphics in the form of themes to your site for easy access from a mobile device. You will have your website and pages loved by Google, ranked higher, and of course, most mobile users will like the elegant the AMP One Pahe Template. Your content will be kept cached directly on the largest and one of the most popular servers for the search engine. The content you create on your site will be faster and easy to access due to the well-formatted layout and fastest loading site all over the Search Engine. Therefore, the Mobirise AMP Theme will enable every person across the globe, even those who leave in places where the network is a little bit an issue, to access your content, which in turn will increase the traffic visiting your site as well as raise your ranking.

How to create website

Regarding the Mobirise Black AMP Theme, it is possible for you to create your own website for free using the classical clean and straightforward Mobirise Builder Menu Block which comes with some navigation links plus buttons. It is pretty much similar to the other themes, but this comes with elegant and appealing Icons, rather than the standard buttons. This is meant for easy and better utilization of all the space provided by the builder. It also allows you to select from the predefined dark and light appearance of the page. Therefore, with the Mobirise Black AMP theme, it is not necessary to restyle the entire theme layout. In this case, compared to the default Mobirise 4 Themes, there are some similarities except that you will have little appearance details, which are those looks that give your site visitors a colorful and vibrant experience, especially when they are spending their time browsing your pages. The thumbnails of the Mobirise gallery are cozy, which are separated by beautiful padding, is large enough to outline the text. The text can be placed over every one of the web users to understand better whatever is presented.

Features of Mobirise Website Builder

Appealing, Elegant and Gentle Appearance

Mobirise AMP Page Builder and 8b Site Builder can help you know how to create your own website for free that is entirely customizable. The new navbar is not just convenient when it comes to structure, but also has some features that make it please and attract the eyes of your site visitors. Having comfortable and cool controls that take place in the Properties Panel of the Blocks, it is possible for you to quickly assign the gradient of your site background and also adjust how much users can access it, which make it semitransparent as you need it to be.

How to create website

Great Design for AMP Web

The Page or AMP Site Page that is constructed using the Mobirise AMP Page Builder, both the free and paid versions, do not differ when it comes to the appearance. All the regular and free version offer the same features to enable you to develop a site that is incredibly designed, but the expensive version means that you will get all the tools required for making your content shine on Search Engine.

High Page Ranking and Lighting Fast

There is no doubt that the AMP regulations are rather strict, and typically exclude the use of some features for the regular site page creation, but a reward on it accompanies it. Therefore, those sites which comprise of Accelerated Mobile Page alternatives tend to display frequently and higher in the Search Engine lists, compared to the standard webs and even more. The page created using the Mobirise AMP Page Builder will show higher in the search compared to the coded site since Mobirise AMP Page Builder uses the AMP page optimization. On the other hand, the AMP page version is cached on Google’s servers. Therefore, users get the contents of the web loaded at lightning speed and directly from there, which saves the users server load. This will also help you take the advantages of the Internet giant’s faster hardware and of course, the worldwide coverage.

create your own website for free

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Mobirise HTML5 Website Builder is extremely fast and easy to download and install to your desktop, PC or Mac
  • The Lego-like site blocks can be quickly dragged and dropped into the require place
  • Professional and sleek looking pre-designed blocks
  • Incredible customizable options that allow for some essential modifications
  • It is possible to upload a complete site through FTP, Google Drive, or to any local server
  • Easy to use and manage several websites
  • The Tablets, Browser, and Smartphone previews are easily accessible and load remarkably faster


  • Not a hosted solution

Using Mobirise to create your own website for free brings good news to every person. Even if you do not have any background coding and don't know how to create website as well as in site design, it can incredibly assist you in developing an impressive looking site, which will be fully functional and mobile-friendly. You will create a web easily. All the websites which are built using the Mobirise Site Builder are 100% compatible with mobile devices, according to the Google Test and Google like the AMP sites and pages. This will make your website to be ranked on the first page of Google, fetching a lot of visitors, which you can easily convert to customers if you are conducting a campaign.

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