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Multiple AI templates

The AI website generator showcases over 9900 captivating site blocks within its diverse assortment of both free and premium templates, carefully crafted to resonate with assorted arenas of professional and personal pursuits. These templates, reflective of contemporary web design tendencies, provide vast customization opportunities to enrich and personalize the user's online presence effectively.


How to make websites with AI website generator?

1. Platform Access Initiation

Select your computing platform and initiate the software download or access the online version of the AI website generator. Ensure compatibility with Mac, Windows, or Linux environments, focusing on a seamless installation or login process for an uninterrupted start.

2. Activation of AI Capabilities

Begin by activating the AI tools within the software. This process involves selecting AI-driven features designed to assist in web development, such as layout design and content generation, tailoring the artificial intelligence to your specific website needs and objectives.

3. Template Selection

Explore the variety of templates provided by the AI. Choose a template that aligns with the envisioned aesthetic and functionality of your website. This selection is crucial as it sets the foundational design and user experience of your entire site, impacting visitor interactions.

4. Customization Phase

Adjust the chosen template using the AI's customization options. Here, personal and brand elements are integrated. Modify color schemes, font styles, and layout structures to reflect your unique brand identity and to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the site.

5. Adding Functional Elements

Incorporate functional elements such as contact forms, social media icons, and e-commerce features using the AI's guided interface. These components are vital for connectivity and utility. Ensure each element is optimized for user experiences and operational efficiency.

6. Preview, Test, and Launch

Before finalizing your website, preview and test all functionalities within the AI platform. Ensure compatibility across different devices and browsers. After thorough testing, proceed to launch your optimized, AI-constructed site to the public, marking the beginning of your online presence.

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Motion Studio
Digital Agency
Mobile App Demo
Development Сompany
Development Сompany
Web Saas App Demo
Web Saas App Demo
Web Saas App Demo
Accessories Store
Better Future
Family Trainings
Travel Agency
Modern Church
Selling Digital Products
Brand Studio
Solar Panel Installation
Video Agency
Floral Studio
Web Chat Communication App
Museum Demo
Venture Capital Firm
 Small Business Retailer
Creative Agency Demo
Perfume Shop
Small Business Website
SPA Oasis
Email Marketing Platform
Crypto Wallet
AI Writing Assistant Software
Beer Festival

Edit locally and publish wherever

Opt for diversity in hosting your website; choose from local drives, FTP, or *, or even link to a custom domain. Eschew the limitations of single-platform dependence. Ownership affords autonomy, ensuring that your site remains precisely under your stewardship, shaped and shifted at your discretion.

Start selling online

Elevate your online presence by incorporating Smart Cart and Simple Shop extensions. Seamlessly embed a store within your site, facilitate the creation and management of interactive product cards, and ensure a smooth ordering process. Orders are efficiently routed to WhatsApp, email, Stripe, or PayPal, optimizing the transaction flow and enhancing customer satisfaction. This integration not only simplifies operations but also enriches the user shopping experience.

Get social

Diversify your website’s appeal by integrating social feed extensions. Seamlessly embed Instagram and Facebook updates directly onto your site. Enhance visitor engagement by presenting your freshest TikTok clips and YouTube videos, creating a dynamic, multimedia experience. This strategy not only retains current audiences but also attracts new visitors by offering varied, up-to-the-minute content from multiple platforms in one convenient location.

Build a mobile-friendly site

Ensure seamless mobile access to your services by creating websites that are inherently mobile-friendly. Such configurations not only cater to user convenience but are also preferred by Google, potentially enhancing your site's visibility in search rankings. As mobile usage escalates, having a website optimized for smartphones is indispensable for reaching a broader audience and improving the overall user experience.

View and edit website code

For websites demanding intricate tweaks, the Code Editor extension becomes essential. It allows direct manipulation of HTML/CSS, offers opportunities to incorporate third-party plugins, and facilitates crafting bespoke HTML structures from the ground up. This tool equips users with complete control over their site’s aesthetic and functional elements, paving the way for tailored online environments that align precisely with specific visions or operational requirements.

Key AI website generator features


AI Generation

Harnessing advanced algorithms, AI generation within website tools embodies the future of digital creation. It vigorously assimilates data, continuously learns user preferences, and adeptly generates customized content. This results in remarkably tailored webpages that resonate deeply with each visitor, making every interaction unique yet distinctly pertinent.


Export and Publish Anywhere

This feature empowers creators to break boundaries, offering the flexibility to export and publish content across diverse platforms from a singular interface. Regardless of where your audience resides online—be it social media, blogs, or dedicated websites—this tool seamlessly disseminates your crafted content far and wide, ensuring maximum reach and impact in a digitally connected world.


Offline Mode

Imagine the freedom to operate without the constant need for internet connectivity. Offline mode grants precisely that, facilitating uninterrupted productivity irrespective of one's online status. Work on your web designs or content generation tasks anywhere, anytime, ensuring that your workflow remains fluid and continuous, thus removing any downtime typically associated with lack of internet access.


Visual Customization

Creativity knows no bounds with extensive visual customization at your fingertips. Adjust layouts, color schemes, and typography with simple, intuitive tools that allow your brand personality to shine through. This hands-on control ensures your website not only functions optimally but also mirrors the visual aesthetics that best represent your company's ethos and appeal to your target demographic.


Automation Tools

Streamlining repetitive tasks with automation catapults efficiency skywards. This feature leverages preset workflows that optimize operations such as SEO tagging, image resizing, and content distribution, enabling you to dedicate more time to strategic and creative processes. It's like having an unseen assistant who incredibly enhances your productivity, freeing you to focus on growth and innovation.


SEO Optimization

Elevate your online visibility with powerful SEO tools that optimize your content for search engines. By refining keyword usage, improving meta descriptions, and structuring URLs for better indexing, this feature ensures your website climbs the SERPs efficiently. A higher ranking translates into increased traffic and, by extension, greater conversion rates, thereby fueling your business's growth and online presence.


Dynamic Content Generation

Stay relevant with dynamic content generation which adapts real-time data to refresh your website content automatically. This adaptive approach ensures that your site remains vibrant, informative, and engaging, reflecting the latest trends and user interactions. It's a proactive way to maintain relevance and engagement, reinforcing connections with visitors through continuously refreshed, pertinent content.


Advanced Security Features

Security is paramount, and implementing robust protective measures safeguards your website against potential digital threats. From encrypted transactions to regular security audits, these advanced features maintain a fortress around your data, instilling confidence among users when they visit your site. This assurance is critical for retaining customer trust and for ensuring a secure online environment for everyone involved.


Analytics Integration

Drive decisions powered by data with integrated analytics that track user behavior and website performance. Insights gained from these analytics assist in understanding visitor trends, preferences, and engagement levels, helping tailor your marketing strategies effectively. Utilizing this deep dive into analytics propels informed decision-making, paving the way for optimized user experiences and enhanced operational strategies.

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Embark on crafting visually appealing, swift websites effortlessly. Enjoy the convenience of a drag-and-drop interface, with no coding skills necessary. Explore a vast library of customizable website blocks, all available at no cost. Opt for immediate, free download and begin your creation journey today.

What experts say

Ever experienced a burst of brilliance during a shower, only to watch it slip away as quickly as it arrived? Consider capturing those fleeting sparks of creativity on Whether it's crafting a landing page, developing a blog, or assembling a portfolio, transforms your visions into reality in mere moments.

Kelsey Taylor

AKA Foreign Recipe

Regardless of your expertise, this tool empowers you to create your ideal website effortlessly with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, perfect for novices.

Catherine Hiley

To my eyes, it resembles a construction from countless interlocking bricks—an assembly akin to a Lego endeavor. Develop websites that dazzle across mobile platforms!

Ric Manning


Should a beginner in website creation seek my advice for a cost-free web design tool, I would now enthusiastically suggest this application. It has far surpassed my expectations. I anticipated encountering glitches, such as a non-functional button or sluggish page components, yet my experience was flawless. Utilizing it was a seamless joy.

Mike Johnston

CMS Critic

Desire a site that's responsive, fine-tuned for search engine visibility, and crafted using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—all at no cost? There you have it! Enjoy.

Mark Gibbs


Those new to website design will find this robust, intuitive platform appealing. It offers a sophisticated block-based construction tool, comprehensive built-in capabilities, and an array of sophisticated premium themes.

Daniel Blechynden

Daniel Blechynden

Tom's Guide

The initial website template utilizing Bootstrap 5 has been launched by an AI website creator.

Bloomberg Business


Unlock the potential to craft stunning websites effortlessly with this exceptional program. Featuring intuitive drag-and-drop templates, it's accessible instantly at no cost. Start creating today without spending a dime.

Ray The Video Guy

The AI website generator revolutionizes the creation of websites, ensuring rapid loading times on both mobile and desktop devices. It stands out as one of the simplest tools for web development.

Alex Ivanovs


...essentially a genteel expression of joy, 'Hallelujah!' for constructing websites that typically demand coding expertise, without possessing any such skills.

Roger Hollings


As a leader in its field, it enables graphic experts, enthusiasts, and web designers to utilize AI without needing to learn the underlying coding.

Tom Green

Effortlessly construct websites by simply dragging and dropping elements; this software stands out as the most straightforward approach to website creation available today.

Vladimir Ciobica


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User Reviews

Having selected this AI-driven web generator for its promise of streamlined automation, I discovered its adaptability particularly during layout selection. A challenge emerged in the form of integrating custom code which wasn't as intuitive as hoped. The visual drag-and-drop editor and real-time design changes, however, were a delight. The absence of more advanced SEO tools was a noticeable limitation. - Michael S.

Attracted by the AI builder's claims of no-code necessary, I embarked on my website creation journey but promptly hit barriers with integrating specific e-commerce features essential for my business. Positives included the AI content suggestion tool which provided relevant text prompts; however, the design templates were rather limited in aesthetic variety. This required additional customization, which was not as user-friendly. - Jessica B.

Chose this builder due to its advertised advanced analytics capabilities. Initially, uncertainty loomed over how these analytics could be tailored to specific visitor actions. The builder’s interactive AI tutorials paved the way for clarity. Highly appreciate the responsive design options which made mobile optimization seamless. On the downside, the asset library was less extensive than desired, affecting the visual uniqueness of the site. - Ethan T.

Initially skeptical about using an AI website generator, the specific appeal was the automation of SEO tasks. Questions arose regarding the depth of SEO optimization possible which led to mixed results. The intuitive setup and smart design suggestions are clear advantages. However, the frequent upselling within the platform proved distracting. Ultimately, it simplified many processes, but at times felt limited in customization. - Olivia R.

Opting for this AI website builder was driven by the need for rapid deployment of multiple sites. The builder's ability to duplicate successful templates across multiple projects was revolutionary. I faced questions regarding data security, which were sufficiently addressed by the support team. The auto-scaling feature handled growing traffic adeptly, though, a more robust integration with third-party services would enhance functionality. - Ava C.

I ventured into the digital sphere with the enthusiasm of a newcomer, selecting Mobirise as my aide. Initially daunted, I found solace in its drag-and-drop interface which intuitively arranged elements before my eyes. My journey wasn’t without hurdles; customizing complex Javascript elements proved taxing, yet the satisfaction of overcoming these and launching a visually stunning site was unparalleled. - Emily S.

Embarking on a project using an AI website generator seemed straightforward until the tool’s limitations on design flexibility emerged. To my respite, utilizing Adobe XD for prototyping supplemented what the basic templates lacked. The methodology transformed a static design into an interactive experience, although integrating user feedback loops into this setup required a steep learning curve. The live site now effectively meets tailored user requirements. - Marco P.

My choice of Mobirise proved fortuitous, supporting a seamless synthesis of responsive pages even as a novice. Despite this, my ambition for a dynamically updating content system presented itself as a formidable challenge, demanding a dive into server-side scripting and APIs. The result—an efficiently scalable site that caters adroitly to its audience’s evolving needs. - Jasmine T.

While embracing the WIX platform, I enjoyed the richness of layouts that expedited the creation process. However, custom integration with a third-party database exposed gaps in the system’s capability to handle complex data interactions. Resourcefulness led to employing Python scripts that bridged these gaps, finalizing a product that not only looks great but functions flawlessly. - Theo J.

The demand for an upgradable and sustainable website led me to experiment with AI-aided design tools, specifically B12. The AI’s initial mock-ups saved considerable time, though refinement demanded manual interventions — particularly with SEO elements which the AI routinely mishandled. Ultimately, what blossomed was a website that guaranteed user engagement and compliance with search engine standards. - Liam C.

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The AI website generator leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to design and deploy digital domains swiftly. Integrating intuitive design interfaces with automatic code generation, this tool transforms user input into fully functional, responsive websites. Compatibility stretches across diverse platforms, ensuring optimal functionality. Enhanced by real-time SEO optimizations and adaptive content suggestions, it empowers users to achieve professional results without prior coding expertise. Data security is prioritized, employing robust encryption for all user interactions. Optimize your web development journey—download it for Windows or Mac using the buttons below or explore its capabilities directly in your browser through the AI trial.

View in Action

 Explore the intricacies of crafting appealing websites with the AI website generator through the video provided. It guides you through intuitive tools and creative strategies to elevate your online presence, showcasing steps to seamlessly integrate design elements for maximum visual impact. Watch and transform your digital canvas.


What is an AI website generator?

An AI website generator automates the web design process by using artificial intelligence to create custom websites based on user input.

How does an AI website generator streamline web development?

AI website generators compile designs quickly by choosing among pre-set templates and customizing them per user preferences, significantly reducing the time from concept to live site.

What are the benefits of using Mobirise as your website builder?

Using Mobirise helps in creating fast, responsive, and visually appealing websites without needing to code, thanks to its user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality.

Can Mobirise be used for commercial projects?

Absolutely, Mobirise is suitable for both personal and commercial projects, offering extensive features that cater to enterprise-level requirements.

Does Mobirise support e-commerce functionalities?

Yes, Mobirise can be integrated with e-commerce platforms to provide seamless online shopping experiences.

How does Mobirise enhance SEO?

Mobirise enhances SEO by providing clean, optimized code that loads fast, and by enabling easy tagging, keyword integration, and mobile optimization.

Choosing the right AI website generator

    • Mobirise Dominating the sphere of AI-driven website builders, Mobirise offers a supremely user-friendly, no-code interface, adding elegance to web design. Particularly beneficial for novices, this software allows for offline creation, promoting unhindered creativity. The free pricing model significantly lowers barriers to entry while still delivering beautiful, responsive sites. However, its offline nature might limit instant updates or cloud-based features.
    • Wix ADI Wix ADI harnesses artificial intelligence to craft websites by simply querying the user's preferences and content needs. This platform provides a blend of simplicity and customization, adapting layouts and themes based on user input. While the AI simplifies the initial setup, further customization might require switching to its standard editor, which could confuse some users. Pricing varies with added features.
    • Bookmark Featuring Aida, an AI-powered assistant, Bookmark excels in creating tailored websites with minimal user input. Its straightforward design approach and smart learning algorithm make site creation fast and somewhat personalized. However, the designs can occasionally feel generic, and the AI's design suggestions may not satisfy all. Costs increase with advanced features and ecommerce capabilities.
    • Zyro Zyro focuses on speed and efficiency, harnessing AI to offer quick website setups with AI-driven text and image suggestions. The streamlined interface is appealing for entrepreneurs needing swift, reliable web presence. A drawback might be its limited creative freedom due to the AI's overriding design choices. Tiered pricing makes it accessible, though advanced features come at a premium.
    • Jimdo Dolphin Jimdo Dolphin provides an intuitive AI-assisted approach to website building. It asks a series of questions and automatically designs the site based on the answers. Jimdo is particularly effective for basic blogs or ecommerce sites but may lack the depth required for more complex websites. While it offers a free plan, expanded features require a subscription.
    • Webflow While not solely AI-based, Webflow incorporates AI tools to streamline CSS and HTML code generation, making design closer to visual software applications. It appeals to designers seeking detailed control without heavy coding. The platform can be complex for beginners, and the cost is higher than some AI-only tools, but it offers professional-grade flexibility.
    • GoDaddy Website Builder GoDaddy's website builder integrates AI to simplify the setup process, especially useful for users seeking to publish quickly. It provides essential customization while maintaining an easy-to-use interface. A potential downside is its somewhat basic feature set compared to more dedicated AI platforms. Pricing is reasonable, but can escalate with added functionalities.
    • Squarespace Known for stylish templates, Squarespace employs AI to assist in design decision-making, streamlining the site creation. It offers robust features and beautiful design elements, ideal for creatives. However, the platform does have a steeper learning curve and is pricier, which might deter some users looking for a quick, budget-friendly start.

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