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Simple Bootstrap Template For Gamers - Review

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A vast majority of websites are accessed through mobile phones, smart and portable devices. This makes it a priority to provide fast loading speeds and low internet usage to anyone who accesses your website using a mobile device. This is where AMP with this tool makes itself known; Accelerated Mobile Pages is a kind of add-on for your website which automatically optimizes your web pages to load faster on mobile devices.

What AMP basically does is it strips down a web page to its basics; this makes the website load quicker, at the cost of looks. AMP doesn’t make the page look terrible, it just minimalizes it to the bare necessities like text and in some cases, images and videos.

simple bootstrap template

AMP is an open-source initiative platform that aims to help publishers improve the readability and speed of their mobile content pages. It’s a basic formula, faster loading mobile pages + readable content results in better user experience.

Google displays a little green AMP logo next to AMP powered mobile pages, this not only results in better click rates, but there is an increase in conversion rates as well. If your website uses SEO, you will get a faster loading website, which will result in Google putting it giving a better search engine ranking as well.

Mobirise and its AMP themes

Mobirise is an offline website builder that allows you to create fully customizable websites without the need for internet. All you need to do is download the software and you’re good to go. Being born in the Netherlands, mobirise has become a great and very effective way of creating high-quality web pages for small-medium sized websites, landing pages, and portfolios etc. that don’t have high-level functionality.

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The best thing about mobirise is that you don’t need to touch a single line of code in order to create your own website. It’s super user-friendly and the experience to create your own website ranges from you simply dragging and dropping different modules.

Mobirise has AMP powered Mobirise themes; this means that when you apply a free or paid AMP simple Bootstrap template, it will have all the perks of AMP combined with the customizability and ease-of-use that mobirise offers. Basically, the best of both worlds when it comes to user-friendliness.

AMP Mobile theme, AMP horse riding theme, AMP gaming theme, AMP church theme, AMP school theme, etc. are some examples from the almost hundred Bootstrap responsive templates.

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GamingAMP theme

Gaming AMP simple Bootstrap template was created in order to fulfill the demand that gaming websites have; game-themed website don’t necessarily need a lot of high-functionality features, it’s usually text, video, audio and user interaction. GamingAMP provides exactly just that, in an easy-to-manage and professionally created package that is perfect for all sorts of gamers.

free html bootstrap template

GamingAMP is completely customizable and right out of the box, you’re getting a very minimalistic, professional looking experience that will help you take your gaming website to a whole new level.

Inspiring blocks

This simple Bootstrap template is optimized for gamers by gamers, it has all of the blocks that are needed to run a gaming website effectively. Some of the drag and drop modules that come with the GamingAMP theme include:

  • Headers
  • Subscribe now
  • Games for you
  • Our team
  • Games suggested for you
  • Gallery
  • Video modules

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  • Upcoming games
  • Screenshots
  • Reviews
  • Sliders
  • Polls
  • Contact us
  • Articles
  • Call to action
  • Images & videos
  • Sponsors etc.

How it works

After you get the simple Bootstrap template, all you need to do is drag and drop blocks into your website where you see them fit.

free bootstrap 4 template

There are a ton of blocks to choose from, and each block can be placed pretty much anywhere on the website. You can easily edit the color scheme, size, etc. to your liking in a very user-friendly way.


  • Easy to use
  • Optimized with gamers and gaming in mind
  • Looks absolutely stunning
  • Very professionally done
  • Perfect for small to medium audience websites
  • Dozens of blocks to choose from, all gaming-oriented
  • Can be created without any coding experience whatsoever
  • Can be created in little to no time; just need to drag and drop blocks


Getting the GamingAMP theme is a no-brainer; if you’re starting your gaming website, or want to make something that looks professional without hiring any website developers, then mobirise paired with the simple Bootstrap template is the way to go.

It has tons of blocks, a lot of great options to choose from, is very beautiful and easy to use. A great package overall.