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Awesome Responsive Web Templates Overview

Best Website Templates and Themes. Bootstrap HTML

Trends in web design like Bootstrap responsive website templates are dynamic, over the years, the practice of web design has evolved greatly, from the days of specialized software to these days of drag and drop responsive web templates. It is only while making such comparisons that we have realized the inefficiencies in prior designing techniques and its effects on earlier designed websites.

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Times have changed and while websites are becoming more responsive, functional, and easier to create, it is of utmost importance to understand the principles of some of the most functional website design techniques in the industry.

Let’s consider some trends:

  • Chatbots - refers to application software designed & modified to carry out automated tasks, usually called AI chatbots, they aid unmanned communication with the organization’s customers to help solve tickets and attend to queries and inquiries with little to no human input.
  • Sharper and Bolder Colors - the use of bolder colors remains on the increase today, as opposed to the early days of the internet. The use of bold colors marks a dramatic turn from the past to a more colorful future.
  • Responsive Design - While this isn’t a very recent trend, it remains an important innovation owing largely to the prominence of smartphones. The need to ensure that web designs are responsive to different mobile screen sizes is of paramount importance.
  • Creative Typography - In the quest for attention, creative fonts are now a magnetic tool used to pull the flailing interest of a casual internet surfer. Personality is been added to fonts for both aesthetics and emphasis.
  • Web Animation - this tends to simplify complex and compound information or idea in a shorter time than texts, thus making it easier to pass on the message or idea being conveyed. The use of animations has been seen to improve brand strength online.

Mobirise Amp Website Builder

This is an offline app for Macintosh and Windows operating systems offered free to build small or medium websites, online resumes, and portfolios, landing pages, promo sites for apps, services, events, and products. It is the perfect choice for web developers and designers especially newbies who possess little or no technical skills in coding. It is also extremely relevant to professional coders.

Mobirise theme can be employed for both non-profit and commercial use. It is modified with a pretty easy to use interface and is quite mobile-friendly; it is packed with all the latest techniques and up to date website blocks. All you need to do with Mobirise website builder is to insert site elements to your website page, include content and style to create all the desired effects that you require for your site.

Mobirise uses AMP open source tool with free website templates which is an initiative aimed at creating and boosting the performance of websites which are highly efficient on all devices, distribution platforms, as well as fast and beautiful. Ads and web pages published in the AMP open-source load quickly, smoothly and give users a more engaging experience on mobiles and desktops.

Responsive Web Templates

Service Amp

AMP supports integration with 3rd party publishing platforms. The goal of the AMP project is to give the users the best to enable fast delivery of web pages.

Advertising on AMP supports fast, compelling and safe ads coupled with the need for highly effective practices to enable the best possible results of the said ads.

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This is not too different from serving traditional ads on pages of HTML. AMP does support quite a number of networks and ad servers and even the faster more secure AMPHTML ads to serve direct-sold AMPHTML ads.

Also included to maximize ads effectiveness on AMP are: placement of controls, demand and pricing, unique innovations and ad types.

These functionalities found in the panel used to add blocks are divided into; Menu, Sliders, Intro, features, media etc.

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Interior Amp

AMP HTML pages have similar features as normal HTML pages. In both, you’ll use CSS for layout and styling, although AMP has limitations on some use of CSS in terms of usability and performance while keeping the capability of the responsive design top notch.

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The interior AMP is one of the responsive web templates that includes the layout attribute, placeholders and fallbacks and also the advanced art direction via srcset for a better display so they are easy to enable responsiveness and style.

Thousands of developers in collaboration with publishers, websites, distribution platforms, and technology companies joined to build the AMP. Now over 1.5B AMP pages are already published.

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App Amp

This refers to the integration of AMP with an Application software to achieve a faster loading experience.

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This is attainable by matching URLs in your content to their relevant AMP URLs (if available) and opening the AMP version in place of original versions using tools like Google’s AMP URL API to significantly reduce the load time and guarantee that valid AMP is served.

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The Sports AMP from Mobrise responsive web templates serves as the perfect theme for sport and fitness related web builders. It ensures easy to build and captivating pages and as many pictorial representations of sports-related content, keying into the flailing attention span of the average individual.

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Thanks to the wide array of colors available on the Mobrise website offline builder, web pages have never been so captivating.

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While considering the common upsides of Mobirise and its responsive web templates, such as its responsiveness, the simplicity of building a website, the potential it provides for web designers and the fact that it is the perfect choice for newbies. We tend to forget its versatility and the cost of the app which makes it arguably one of the best web creation tools.

Mobirise is an outstanding innovation and a quality product which easily captures the interest of newbies as an ideal starting point and provides a flexible platform for pro web designers.