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 Can I add link on jquery slideshow controls?

Q: I'm pretty new to the web design world and was wondering if there was a way to use the wowslider to transition from webpage to webpage. For example, is it possible to use the wowslider to allow an entire page to transition when you click on a link to go to a new page?

I'm sure there is, I just don't know where to start on something like that. Help?

A: It's possible to add links to the whole image. You should select image by clicking and
specify link in "Url" field. If you want to open the new document in a new window, you should use target="_blank".

TARGET controls where the new document will be displayed when the user follows a link.

There are 4 types for target:
* "_blank" - opens the new document in a new window;
* "_parent" - is used in the situation where a frameset file is nested inside another
frameset file;
* "_self" - puts the new document in the same window and frame as the current document;
* "_top" - loads the linked document in the topmost frame.