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 Can I set the direction that the Ken Burns effect in js image scroller will take?

Nov 13, 2012

Q: Hi wowslider team!
Can I set the direction that the Ken Burns effect will take? For instance, can I have it pan from left to right?

A: You can edit "sctipt.js" file manually in any text editor (for example, Notepad).
Find following line:

paths:[{from: [0, 0, 1], to:[0, 0, 1.2]}, {from: [0, 0, 1.2],to:[0, 0, 1]},...

where [0, 0, 1] - [X,Y,Ratio]. So, to see whole image last parameter should have value
"1" for "from" part (you'll see whole image at the beginning of transition) or for "to"
part (you'll see whole image at the end of transition).

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