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 When I open jquery slider example project file again after a while, all the image are gone

Q: My big problem is that I would like to change some of the image from time to time and can figure out how to do that without have to build a new slider.
I do save my projects as you suggest under part 6 on wowslider.com (the .wowsl file), but when I open that file again after a while, all the image are gone.
On your website it says that the project consists of the pictures I choose to put on my image slider.
Is there a solution to this or do I really have to make a whole new slider just because I want to add or remove one Image?

A: Actually, project file stores settings of slideshow only (template, transition effect,
delays, etc.) and doesn't store images. So, if your original images were deleted or moved
into another folder, they couldn't be opened.

You can open .wowsl file in any text editor (for example, Notepad), find following lines:

  <title>Example of image</title>

and edit path to your image in "url" line. When you'll specify correct path, image will be opened in application window.