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 How can I store image quality in slider wordpress themes?

Feb 01, 2013

Q: I wondered if there is a way to improve the playback quality of photos in a slideshow. I already have the quality slider set at 100% but some images are showing slight jagged edges or noise when played back. All photos are high res and I don't have this problem with other slideshow creators.

Please can you give me any advice

A: To improve quality of your images you can do the following:
1) Go to

and increase value of "Image quality" parameter.

2) Use original images with the same resolution that your slideshow should have (300x220).
wowslider app. is not graphic editor, so the best way to resize your images is use of
special products (for example, Photoshop).

3) wowslider app. generates images in .jpg format. So, if your original images will be in
.jpg format too, it'll help to save quality of original images.

Also, quality of images doesn't depends on dpi and there is no "minimum size for best

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