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 "Wrong slider" error in jquery replace image

Q: When I upload a slideshow to one of my websites where i use wowslider through the wordpress-plugin, I just get a error-message saying "Wrong slider". On this website, I use version 3.4.1 (swedish) of wordpress, version 2.2.3 of wowslider and version 2.5.3 of the wowslider-plugin.

A: 1) Try to use "Import from Folder" method. Please see attached screenshot. Copy generated module to "./wp-content/plugins/wow-slider-wordpress-image-slider-plugin/import/" folder and click "Import from Folder" button.

Maybe your module has too big size. In this case "Import from Folder" method will fix the

2) If problem will persist:

* Notice, that wowslider plugin works with WordPress v.3.1 or 3.2. If your version is
older, plugin will now work.

* Make sure that you have "write" permission to folder

* If you use PHP older than version 5, try to add following line:
"AddHandler php5-cgi .php"

into your .htaccess file.

I suppose, that reason of 'Wrong slider' error could be old version of PHP. In this case
problem will be fixed. This line will make your server to process .php files using PHP5.