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 Add the second css carousel description with the link

Q: I do know that I can make each <keyw id=0/> linkable. By default I found there is two blocks of text in wowslider : Title and Description. Can you assist me with creating the third text block, something like Description #2, so that in my case I will be able to enter text which will read / ENTER SITE/.

I need this Description #2 / ENTER SITE/ to make linkable so that when my site visitors see /ENTER SITE/ they will be able to click on it /ENTER SITE/ which then will take them from the slider to another page.

Also I would like to position it right in the middle of the slider/centered vertically and horizontally.

I just would like to make sure that when my site visitors see the text, they can click on it specifically within the text area and not to move the mouse around the whole image in order to find where to click.
Thanks in advance!

A: Unfortunately wowslider doesn't provide such option.

You can try to add link to the description, for example to the text "Click here to enter
the site".

In app window select the image and add html code in the description field
for selected image. For example:

<a href="http://wowslider.com">Click here to visit http://wowslider.com</a>