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 Add new images into html gallery template

Q: I'm a wowslider customer/developer using your paid version to create sliders for my clients.

I would like to arrange it so my client can swap out slider images in previously created wowslider carousels on their own without going through the wowslider software to do so (in an effort to keep it simple and turnkey for my client).

Assuming their images are the right dimensions in terms of the number of pixels wide and high, *can they simply import new images into the wowslider folder containing the original set of images, and then change the img src in the <li> line in the BODY section to indicate the new JPG file name that was imported instead of the one that was there previously?*

I'm no jquery expert, so I'm unclear if there is specific jquery code associated with each image that will malfunction if images are swapped out, or if the code is at a high level that will allow the images to be swapped without generating new code for each image.

*Thanks very much for your help. I'm a fan of your product!*


A: If you enable "on-demand image loading" option you can just update script.js file and the folder with image files on your server.

For example, script.js file contains the code:


Add the image2 this way:


Where image1, image2 are the image file names.

Notice the image size should be the same. Using this method it's better not to enable thumbnail option.