How to add your slider to the WebsiteBaker CMS

1. Create a slider in the WOW Slider application.

2. Publish the slider to your server using the 'Publish to FTP server' method. Do not use Media/upload in WebsiteBaker. It won't allow you upload JavaScript files.

3. Copy the HEAD section from the generated wowslider-howto.html.

4. Open the page editor in WebsiteBaker and press Source.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the BODY section.

6. Edit paths in the code. The example page is created on a local server ( and the folders have been uploaded into a 'media' folder. In this case engine1/style.css is located at

Please, edit your links in this way.

7. Click Save.

Now your slider is embedded to a WebsiteBaker web page!