How to add WOW Slider to an ASP.NET web page

Your slideshow should be ready. See another tutorials to understand how to create a slideshow in a WOWSlider application.

Click 'Publish' button in the top-right side of your application window.

Choose 'Publish to folder' method and select the path where you want to save your slider.

Publish your slider.

Now run the Microsoft Visual Studio and open your website.

You should copy the 'data1' and 'engine1' folders to your site folder. To do this open your Windows File Explorer. Then find the folder where you have just published the slider. Drag&Drop 'data1' and 'engine1' folders to the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio.

Now open the wowslider-howto.html file and copy the code for the HEAD section.

Paste it in HEAD section (HeaderContent) of your page.

Go back to the wowslider-howto file and copy a code for the BODY section.

Paste it inside the BODY section (BodyContent) of your web page at the place where you want to add the slider.

Now preview your website and check that your slider works well.