Adding a slider to the Yahoo SiteBuilder

First of all you should create a slider in the WOWSlider application. Please, see another tutorials if you want to get much information about using the WOWSlider software: tutorial 1, tutorial 2

Now publish your slider. Go to 'Slider' --> 'Publish' or you can click on the 'Publish' button at the top of the application window.

Use 'Publish to folder' method. Select the path where your local site is situated.

Open your site in the Yahoo SiteBuilder application.

Click 'Insert' --> 'Code Elements' --> 'HTML'. The HTML snippet will appear.

Open the 'wowslider-howto.html' file which is located in the folder where you have published the slider.

Copy the code for the HEAD and BODY sections.

Go back to the Yahoo mobile website builder. Paste this code in the created HTML Snippet. Then click 'OK'.

Locate this snippet at the place where you want to see the slider.

Now you can preview your site in a browser. Go to 'File' --> 'Preview in Browser'.

Here you can see your site with an embedded WOWSlider!